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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Worldwide Release


I just went from having a decent amount of Supply Drops in my area…to exactly the same as PoGo. I now have only one drop and two dino spawns within a 3 mile radius…I can’t hardly play it now. Why did Supply Drops have to change, and why are you going the exact way of PoGo who failed miserably (JWA was doing so good)?


I was reading through the new update notes (which are amazing btw, love the new update!!) And i’ve come across an interesting sentence;

“And keep your eyes open for special events in Walmarts across Canada and the US, and AMCs in the US!”

Are you also planning on introducing special events for Europe? Thanks!

as for my spinners; i had 2 spinners in front of my house; now “only” one which doesnt’ spin maybe bugged idk. but i did notice way more dinos spawning nearby; or closer then usual. I’m going for a walk later on to check spinners but as far as i’ve noticed they didn’t remove loads of them just a couple of 'em. Overall you still have to go “outside” to play the game so… Dinosaur go just got real (actually going outside lol).

Game runs smooth (new nokia 6.1 64Gb; really good phone!) as usual and won my first battle #rank284, lets go! :smiley:


Yeah those top 3 players at the moment don’t look legitimate.


Hey everyone, we’re terribly sorry about the delay in release on Android! I can see how excited you all are to get back out there and collect more DNA, so I can understand how frustrating this must have been. Update 1.2.14 should now be available in the Google Play store.

You might need to force-close and re-open the Google Play store to get the update to appear, but if this still doesn’t work then please let our support team know by contacting them at


Can you bring back the amount of supply drops in game it was the best when you walk down the road and see 20 supply drops


Hi, my account don’t battle in this version, when click battle, search oponnent but say time expire


Can help me to fix this?


Please give back supply drops as it was great in the beta version but now our small town has hardly any making it hard to get the darts that are needed


Love the update but why move/remove all the supply drops. I had 5 on the way to and from work and now none, this is a little annoying as I live in a very small country town in Australia so not a lot here as it is, also always the same dinosaurs never anything new day and night,


when he entered the game he tells me that he has expired


In New patch battle Works again 1.2.16


Hi guys


I just surpassed 2500 trophies yesterday, but being reset to 2000 might be a blessing for me. I am way out of my depth with some of the big dogs in Lock Down…


How do we get in touch to have the refund


Refund for what ???
This is still BETA so no one forced you to buy stuff ( coins , incubators ) for real money . I that want they can reset us all to lvl 1 on world wide release.


Refund for this:

I feel like I might have spent some cash on batteries at the start, but I’ve gotten so many freebies since then I don’t even care.


Never got 400 hundred cash in the mail box, despite being part of the beta. Also kinda sad that there are so very little supply drops in my area, used to do a lot more walking and exploring pre-beta.


I 100% agree with this. The coin limit is annoying enough as is, but to have a limit even with VIP? What’s the point?

Get rid of the daily coin limit, get rid of the daily cash limit. If people like to play a lot in a day, let them! We shouldn’t be punished for wanting to play the game.


I love this game already! Huge fan of all the movies! Awesome!!!


Gooooooooood :+1::+1::+1::+1::metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: