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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #18


New Aquatic and Cenozoic Introduction

New and existing players will be introduced to Aquatic and Cenozoic creatures as part of the Battle Stages. Players who have already completed corresponding Battle Stages will have these Aquatic and Cenozoic creatures unlocked in their Market.


  • Dakosaurus at Battle Stage level 10
  • Prognathodon at Battle Stage level 13
  • Protostega at Battle Stage level 16
  • Baculites at Battle Stage level 18


  • Amphicyon at Battle Stage level 19
  • Andrewsarchus at Battle Stage level 20
  • Entelodon at Battle Stage level 24
  • Megaloceros at Battle Stage level 26

Accelerated Battles

At the top of the Battle screen, you will now be able to enable Accelerated Battles. This will affect most animations in all non-PvP combat.

World Event Boss

A redesign of the current World Event Boss encourages players with personal milestones to reach while increasing overall community participation to reach the Global Target, crafting a more satisfying game experience.

Market Improvement: Display and Search

Market display and sorting have undergone a complete overhaul! Players can now sort their collections by Cost, Attack, Health, Coins, or Rarity. Players can also view their collection with 20 new filters.

In addition, all creatures stats will now be visible, including those yet to be unlocked.

Searching to find creatures has never been easier. Players can click the “Search” button and be shown exactly where to find it, either by purchase or in events.

Additional Bug Fixes and Balancing

Major work on the balancing to find more suitable adversaries in PvP battles! Also, in order to prevent further unbalancing of the creature rosters, the Cerazinosaurus DNA cost has been fixed.


When will this update come out?


I am now waiting for this new update so please release the new update in Google Play


I hope this update will come out within next week