[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #20



  • Now you too can have an Indoraptor in your park!
  • Level up your Indominus rex to 40 and collect enough Velociraptor S-DNA to create this new Superhybrid!



  • Collect S-DNA in the S-DNA Missions tab! You’ll find this in the Events Panel, right under your Player Level.
  • Keep track of your S-DNA by tapping on your DNA resource header, and opening your DNA Inventory.



Hello getting fed up with this game every where I go it’s the same dinosaurs and the attacks wow couldnt get any worse hor is it they can hit me 3 times I only get 1strike I change dinosaur I lose a turn they change dinosaur and I still lose a turn please make this game have sense I’m getting really fed up with it


Nice I love the idea of missions/tasks it makes the game more productive and forces me to step outside my door .:+1:


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Been playing Jurassic World Alive, keep seeing hype about the JW game. Worth the download and time to play?


I used to play Jurassic World the game - it is fun, especially at the beginning when you are leveling quickly and building your park. But, the battle dynamics are not as complex as JWA, so after a while it gets pretty rote, but I would definitely say it is fun!