[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #22


Update 22 is loaded with NEW features and events! Read below for details._



  • The Badge Collection is coming! Players will be able to collect Badges by collecting dinosaurs! After collecting a set amount of Badges, they will unlock a brand new Building which will evolve the more Badges they collect!
  • This building can then be used to collect your creature’s Coins in large amounts.

Trader 2.0

  • The Trader now offers Custom Trades! Users can select which asset they want to trade, giving them a lot more control over their resources.


Clash Of Titans

  • Win battles throughout the month to unlock a final event and win a Unique creature!

Test your Strength

  • Pair your team against matching creatures of the same level to test your battle skill!


  • New Wheel: added the XRay feature to the Wheels.
  • New sorting functions added to both the Glossary and the Battle Menu.
  • Selecting the Information icon of a Card pack will now show whether or not you possess the creatures found in that pack.
  • iOS 9 is now the new minimum requirement.
  • Cleaner overall look.





When you will release it?


This is awesome! Nice Ludia.


Can we change the dinosaur of the Badge hologram?


How do I display the Creature Glossary back to alphabetical like before? New options are making things very difficult. Less important but also wish didn’t change: My dino line up for battles (strongest to weakest overall). Everything in different order and I like the option, but not as default.


The new update nerfed all the wheel awards, at least in pvp and events. Its horrible now as all you win is gold and food. Can you please fix this? Also what is an ‘intermediate prize’ and what is the xray doing?


It’s quite difficult to accurately assess relative strengths with the current sort options. Having the original sort as one of the options would be most welcome. The current options make keeping balance nearly impossible without a spreadsheet and a full set of formulas.