[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #23

New update coming soon!


  • NEW creatures and events coming soon
  • Balancing and bug fixes

This update needs to happen soon or Iā€™m gonna give up entirely. Sick of wasting money,coins,etc just to have it taken away with NO progress. Repeatedly winning matches and getting logged out just to start over,cant trade due to the same! Doing missions numerous times before it FINALLY is completed. Good dinos,money and other said prizes have been missed or taken due to this

Above all, there was no adequate reimbursement for the damage we suffered.
2000 dino bucks are not serious compensation. Too much damage too much time lost

@Jorge, this contains much less detail than previous release announcements. Will that be coming later or is this all?

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I would like if ludia adds carcharodontosaurus as a legendary VIP dinosaur.

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