[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #24


New update coming soon!


  • NEW creatures and events coming soon
  • Balancing and bug fixes


When will it be here


the Boss condition “do 10 attacks of 4 points” is still bugged. The DNA picture is missing and you don’t get a reward. This is especially troublesome since that challenge is tougher than most. Please fix, thank you!


Thanks for reporting this to us @Jumbo_Cactuar. Our team has been notified, and they’ll look into it to see what the problem could be and find a fix.


When the update will come as u say in game


Much appreciated, thank you so much!


i like surprise but i wait a lot for new sdna


Where can i download the update?


Any news on this so far?


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My game still has that message about the update


What should I Do there is no option of update and game is also not opening


I’m Still waiting for the update


Hey everyone, if you’re still trying to update the game, you might have to go into the app store to manually update it.
For Apple users, go into the store and tap on the Updates tab and from there, swipe down and hold till you see a loading sign, then see if the update appears on the list.
Android users will have to go into your Google Play store and select “My apps & games” and see if you’re able to update the game from there.
If you’re still having troubles, contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key included in the email.


When will it be released for update?


Ya, mine too, wonder why it says to get the update now if it isn’t even out yet.


And quick question, how do I log in after playing for about two months without an account?


Hey Zeraora_playz, if your game was linked to an account like Facebook, you should be able to re-access your game by connecting to Facebook again once you launch the game. If you were playing on a guest account, reach out to our support team so they could assist you further. Email our staff here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key included in your email.


I find things like this to be pretty messed up to do to your fans the ones that tend to pay alot of money on this game. I know I sure do because I enjoy this game alot. If I did one of the trade that I can make it would take 1 mil food to get a 100$ cash but as you see here I could have, and almost lost 25$ (3000+$) of real money I spent on the game for not even 200k of food you guys should really stop putting stiff like that in the trade center unless your goal is to piss off the people that give you our real money. Also I’m all the time finding trades like that and it really feels like you guys are trying to screw someone over. Also what is up with the PVP event I can win 20 times in a row and never get anything beside 8k food or 24k coin or 75 DNA and that’s as a VIP member and I spend 25 bucks every week to every other week. These kinda things you guys need to fix or my money will not be spent with you guys ever again. It really isn’t far.


U haunt fixed it yet it is a joke