[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #25


Update 25 is loaded with NEW features and events! Read below for details.


  • 3 New Creatures to be rolled out!


  • Code 19
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    • Once you’ve reached Level 12, you may experience a Code 19! Jurassic World staff trigger a Code 19 when one of your Land creatures becomes restless and is in danger of breaking out of its cage!
    • If a Code 19 is triggered you will have a chance to contain your creature before it breaks out, and earn some S-DNA rewards. If you fail in your containment attempt the creature will break out of its cage and you will have to send a team of dinosaurs to go after it!
    • The escaped creature, as well as those sent to track it, will not be available for battle until the creature is returned! , once the escaped creature is found, you will be able to attempt another containment sequence.
    • In Code 19, players will be able to collect XP, DNA, and S-DNA
  • VIP Tournament

    • Regular tournament rules apply
    • VIP prizes - stay tuned for details


  • Mosasaurus Buff!
    • The Mosasaurus was our first aquatic creature, but also our first Tournament creature. Since then, Tournament creatures have become more exclusive and their stats reflect this. The Mosasaurus buff will re-establish this fan-favorite among the most ferocious aquatic dwellers in Jurassic World: The Game!
    • Stay tuned for more details!


  • Filter 2.0
    • Thanks to player feedback, we’ve re-integrated the “Default” filter on the battle screen to facilitate choosing your team. This filter will be called “Ferocity”.
    • The Ferocity filter can also be used in the Market and the Creature Glossary.
  • Builder improvements
    • Now you’ll be able to store your Buildings and Decorations!
    • Moving Buildings and Decorations also got a whole lot easier! Holding down on an item (Building or Decoration) now initiates an “edit mode”, by which you can choose different objects to move. Once you are satisfied, you can press the green button to exit “edit mode”.
    • Similarly, when choosing a Building or Decoration in the store, you will enter the “edit mode” and be allowed to place as many as you want. Once you are satisfied, you can press on the green button to exit “edit mode”.
      • Note: each time you place a new item, you will be automatically charged its price.
  • "On the Tides" event
    • The wheel on this bi-weekly event has been fixed so as to only include Land Creatures, as it was originally designed to do.




If your adding a another super hybrid in the near future I have a idea for what it could be so here it is the giganoceratops it’s fused between giganocephalus and triceratops it’s name means giant horn face and the stats as its levels up are
Level 10 hp:1,280 attack:274
Level 20 hp:3,084 attack:624
Level 30 hp:4,704 attack:964
Level 40 hp:6,654 attack:1,412 coins:123,692/8h
DNA cost:17,180
First picture is level 10 for the giganoceratops

Now for level 40

Code 19
Code 19

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This is an awesome idea, I would like it to be included as well. Ludia really needs to add more superhybrids to the game


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Better drawer than I am


How do you download the new update? I really like the code 19 idea


Oh wow, you actually put the build mode fix in the game, thank you! I suggested it a few weeks back and thought I got ignored but thank god its in the game.


Now if only you would do something about the dinosaur regen times… a simple change in the code should fix it and make it more balanced! OH WELL. I will take what I can for now :smiley:


Do you know how to get the new update? Do I need to log into a Facebook account because I don’t have one


The game tells me that it is in maintenance but between normal before updating it and it has been more than 2 hours


LUDIA!!! Tell me please how am I supost to get the update!!


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I don’t understand what your saying


Can anyone tell me what you did to get the update if they got the update? Is there something I’m missing? A save update button or something like that?


Or is it going to update on its own, never mind I found it in the App Store updates


Why no FB? You can keep up with this game and others, as well as any other interest you have! Friends, distant family science, art, religion, sports, music, movies, etc.
Just be sure to learn a bit about security first. Then enjoy!


What is the version number for this update?


What’s up with the revenue towers on a 3hr timer? Really annoying to the point where I wanna quit playing. Too many Dino’s to have to click especially when a bunch are 5-30 min cycles. Please fix that!