[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #25


Not a fan of the Code 19. Trying to have breakfast and I’ve had 2. Failed the second one because you have to be 120% alert and now I’m asked to use S DNA for a team? Keep the dino… And the coin towers at 3 hours??? I’ll just go back to clicking each paddock, when I’m not losing dinos to breakouts. Appreciate the updates, but yikes Ludia! You’re making gameplay stressful. :disappointed_relieved:


You guys should try to make this hybrid It is a metriacanthosaurus mixed with a kentrosaurus mixed with a carnotaurus I say this because I think you guys should have multiple hybrids of one dinosaur like how you do in jurassic world alive and I think this would be good for both games


Heres the picture


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code 19 should be optional. what if i can’t contain the creature? what if i do nothing? what happens then?


Yes, i cannot put my attention like 24/7 on the game…


The capture system freeze the game, fix it please


Not very happy with the update, I created an account for the sole purpose to complain about the revenue towers. 3 hour wait? I can’t spend every 5 min to check on dinosaurs with that short max revenue time, or Code 19s.

I love this game Ludia, but these updates are not suitable for those who access the every 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

We can’t spend every 5 minutes checking the game!
Thank you for hearing us out.


not a huge fans of capture system since it is broken, the capture system is fairly easy but the time it appears and how it can cause game freeze then penalized you for no reason… this stuff will not be good for the future of this game if it keeps going


Like SpeedoBoy, legit just made an account just to point out how much I loathe the latest updates:

  1. Revenue Towers with 3 hour cooldowns? What even is the point? What does that achieve for your players except a big hassle when collecting coins? It doesn’t earn you (Ludia) any cash, nor does it encourage players to keep playing. I can’t see any benefits to this change. Please enlighten me.
  2. Code 19? Should absolutely be optional. Not all of us have the time or S-DNA to dedicate to this kind of thing. It seems like a very stressful, massive hassle.

Silver linings though – I will admit that I like the fact that we have the “Default”/“Ferocity” filter back, because I’ve been really missing it in PVP mode. Haven’t played around much with the Buildings/Decorations end of things but being able to store it seems handy for the Trade Harbour stuff.

Ludia, seriously, please, please, please make Code 19 optional, and undo this nightmarish thing you’ve done to Revenue Towers.


Ok so I guess I read wrong… The S DNA is a reward for catching dino. My fault. And the Revenue Tower is now down to 10 minutes. Thank you. But I agree the Code 19 should maybe be optional or something less surprising.


Created this account to say I love this game I have a VIP subscription but dislike the code 19 update. I hope it’s changed / becomes optional. I don’t dislike the mini game but I do dislike the punishment for failing the mini game. Perhaps a change could be to offer rewards for completing the code 19 mini games as part of a week long park safety reward rather than a punitive system that stops the player from collecting coins or batteling. The reason why I dislike this system is because I save some high level dinos for particular missions and try to time there use. This system will make it difficult because I’ll never know if my high level Dino will escape before I’m ready to attempt the mission.


I agree with all the comments. I love this game but code 19 is certainly annoying. It punishes you for no reason and it just won’t let you use your dinos when you need them. So unfair!


Make it so you can listen to music while playing the game, it is really annoying that I can’t have music playing while I play this game


I do not like how this Code 19 thing work (or not).


Umm, I don’t know if its purposeful, but I had a break out and right after it another one came. I also think it could be a bit easier to contain them, also I went in to one, the game stopped, and when I came back the animal had escaped, even though I was there to help it. What I think could be most approved upon with the code 19, is, make it a bit easier, maybe base off the creatures level and like, how common it is the difficulty to if its not already like that. You could make it so its a higher probability things like T Rexes and velociraptors, or Allosauruses have a greater chance of escaping, and each type, herbivore, carnivore, amphibian and pterosaur could have different ways of escaping and different calming techniques maybe? I know I’m making tons of spelling errors :sweat_smile: Maybe make it later have resources needed (not ridiculous amounts though), like maybe make fish for pterosaurs, pigs cows goats and things like that for carnivores, plant materials for herbivores, maybe different type of fish for amphibians. Maybe make it so there are farms you can make to generate those materials to if you decide to add that! You could make it so in the recovering you could choose to do minigames to help speed it along. Like using carnivores you might have sent to herd a herbivore that might have escaped, or lure a carnivore with herbivores or goats or sheep you might find, or if you decide to do the material idea ones you gain from that! I hope you get what I’m saying, if you’ve read all of this thank you very much! I hope these ideas are considered! :smile: Sorry I’ve typed so much.


Thats… amazing


Also-please make Indo Raptor cost less. Its crazy! Especially when you have school and plenty of stuff to do, and don’t have very strong dinosaurs, especially cenozoic and aquatic ones! Sorry about the multiple replies. :sweat_smile: aannnddddddd… everyone should be treated equal, Im pretty much saying I dislike the VIP idea… And I just had pretty much 3 break outs in a row! Thank god I captured the 3rd first try, just barely! please! Make it easyer! Im starting to dislike this idea. Its stressful and probably gonna keep me awake tonight. I came out of a pvp thing and boom! 3rd code 19! Flaffy trying to escape. I dont understand why make this so hard!?


SUperhybrids are relativly new… I think… who knows? They might be working on one as we all type!


Hey thanks but do you agree i think it would be a great hybrid