[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #25


Yeah. I was gonna say that well, doing the tournament for erkyops, I spun the wheel,(survivor) and there were 2 erkyops packs, coin in between, guess what I got? Coins! I’m ok with that, I need it, but ya just can’t do that to a person! Just, NO!


So true!! it sucks


I was crossing my fingers for something good like a pack to… only makes it worse! Also, looking at your profile, it doesn’t hurt to update it! I just did with mine! You get a badge!


I colored and inked the drawing so here you go also you should add the Ultimasaurus too


Does Ludia read these posts? I can’t complain enough about Code 19. Just had and lost 2 back to back. High level dinos on a tournament weekend. Slider is ridiculous as is the timing and “randomness” of the Code 19s. Feels like a ploy honestly.


Please change it back and make it optional please. The amount of memory needed to run the new updates is making the game too slow and painful. Yo the point I can’t complete any code 19s because my phone can’t cope with the content so I’m missing my dinosaurs slowly. Might actually uninstall soon as I can’t see me enjoying the game like this! Plz change


Same happened to me, My, Alanqa I think, escaped, when I got there my game freezed, and when I came back it was out. Once I captured it my stegosaurus broke out. I failed, later tried again and luckily succeeded. I went to a battle, and when I returned my Diplocaulus had been trying to escape, I was able to contain it first try.


Those are both amazing…


Ima go play a bit… wish me luck XD -.-
I just had a glitch. I opened Micro S DNA pack and now the dna thing is stuck on S DNA


Oh noo and thanks haha


Oh no what…?
I’m doing the test your strength and Im questioning why they keep killing me. I’d assume if I can will the first few i can will the last few, I’ve found each dinosaur can 3 hit themself. Pain in the buttox.
I’m on my toes for Code 19.


I generally pick a dino that needs to three hit to kill, and then just have to save up the appropriate amount of strikes why ensuring you don’t get killed. I am sure there are other ways to complete this but I have found this to be most affective, I also only use my weakest dinosaurs since the opponent is always the same dinosaur as your choice. That way I am not waisting my higher level dinosaurs when it is not nessecary.


I also use my weakest dinosaur. I go for half of the normal points for block, if I start 2nd what they are tending to do helps me choose how to block because they’ll have more moves than me. if odd, (3) I go for the bigger number, but 1 I always reserve. Once I get 7 or they’re open and I have 3 moves, then I kill em. I’m not using 3 legendaries at once though.


When you accidently incubate a Trope rather than Argentinosaurus
All I need to get the hybrid with Argentinosaurus is food… my Labrinth is already lvl 40 because of a mission. I need 4 more lvl 40s for a mission.


Getting stuck and nice i dont get what the problem with code 19 is i like it for the s dna and its easy for me


I find timing hard. Honestly right now I want one, or a few, to happen. Im kinda bored.


Umm what would they be hybrids of?


The ones i made?


yeah. What are they hybrids of??


The Kentarnosaurus is a Kentarnosaurus a Carnotaurus and a Metracanthasaur then the ultimasaurus is Trex a Triceratops a Stegosaurus an Ankylosaurus and a Velociraptor