[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #25


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Please put revenue towers back, I’ve somehow just noticed what people mean. Please? May you please? It would be really nice, and helpful!I dislike it because now when the thing I use them for is ready, there aren’t! Also, something else nice is maybe the times of earning coins could stack? Like for something with 5 min earning, it could be like, so the 5 min pass, and rather then stop earning, it could keep earning coins. Plus: it would be more realistic. Irl, if there’s a ride at an amusement park, after this much money has been earned, they don’t just close it until the owner comes to take the money.


So heres my story I was playing and suddenly as soon as I get out of a battle code 19. Wait what do I do during a code 19 so tap the dinosaur and luckily just manage to keep it in the about 5 second later code 19. What! I just finished one so I tap on the dinosaur again and the game crashes so I go back in to the game and my dinosaur escaped it will now take two hours to get them back yes two escaped actually and they were one if my best dinosaurs some limnosceles’s I probably spelled that wrong. But I was just about to fight battle stage 15 so I don’t want to loose my dinosaurs so I’m stuck please ludia make code 19 optional at this point I don’t even care about the crash its just really why do you do this to us it makes me want to delete the game but then I’d loose my progress just please either get rid of code 19 or make it optional please!


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You’ll almost never get a tournament dinosaur pack. The game “rigs” the wheel so you always see a pack or get close to one, but it’s a carrot to get you to keep playing. Most freemium games, and lots of salespeople, do tricks like this.

As for coins, once you max out on them (99,999,999), trade them at the harbor for food, cash, and loyalty points. That way even the not-so-great rewards from the prize wheel still can go to something.


Im only lvl 34, and in no way close to maxing out coins XD


I just did the hybrid test your strength, and I died in 2 hits. Thats the only hybrid I have so now to wait 28 min or speed up for 15 bucks… whyyyy??? :laughing:


You can send a crew of dinosaurs to lower the time, but the dinos you send will not be available for battle. If you send a dino that has the attack boost, then it lowers the time more. The better dinos you put in the lower the time goes. Like a Trex will lower time more than an Irrigator I think. The same happened to me. Just wait, or speed it up. You go to the dinosaur and click on the cage, or click on the hexagon that appears to go the the dinosaur. one you go there there will be 4 stages, each will have 1 of 2 minigames. You want to do as well you can on minigames to boost the paw into blue or green. Red, the dino escapes, blue, the dino is fine, with lowish rewards, green, the dino stays, and you get good rewards, like S DNA. The first minigame is where there are numbered hexagons (1-5), there will be a yellow hexagon going into the numbered one, you need to click after the yellow hexagon meets the center one, and the center one becomes blue. You need to click them in numerical order. The second one is a slide at the bottom, and you need to click while the slider is in the yellow. I find it most effective to click a bit before because the slider goes super fast. I hope this helps you with understanding how code 19 works, until/incase it becomes optional.


Im realizing all this typing might be helping me with my spelling, if not my typing speed. I need to work on not looking at the keyboard. I have a flip screen, touch screen chromebook that I use. I like to type on it like a computer for this.


I wish I new the Sony Sketch link. If anyone is interested in drawing, that is a very good drawing app. There’s one problem, not everyone follows the rules, but with nice people reporting people who don’t follow the rules or guidelines on there it gets a bit better. Your able to share your work on there, and look at other peoples shared sketches. the admin there, sony sketch, is really nice. I assume we will have some sorta Christmas drawing thing, and we had Inktober. I feel as if I’m selling this app. Which I’m not, but I wanna make sure people who like drawing know of this app so if there looking for a drawing app they might see this and know of it. By the way I’m pretty sure it’s free. Only thing that costs on it I think is VIP and some sticker packs. Most cost just a video. I’m just gonna stop because I feel this post is gonna get taken down. sigh


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Oh I see Ludia if you can see this please add the indo-spino it’s the Indominus Rex mixed with the Spinosaurus. Please add it.


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I just perfectly container my stego yaaayyyyyy