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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #25


Wow. That’s an amazing drawing. Just got one problem/2. 1. The horns. There’s like a million how is it supposed to see or bit? 2. Triceratops has already been made as a super hybrid (Monostegotops). So it’s kinda weird in my opinion.


Actually they used the mono the cousin of dilophosaurus


What dinosaur hasn’t had a hybrid to it yet?


There’s a few. Neither Allosaurus nor Gallimimus have hybrids yet, I believe. Probably a number of the Uniques also.

Edit: Other dinosaurs that currently have no hybrid:



Thanks for the answer


I went through my park and checked all the dinosaurs I currently have, @RainbowJurassic_Dude. See my edit in my post above for what I found. Most of them are Uniques, but not all (Quetzalcoatlus and Aerotitan are Super Rares, Corythosaurus is Rare, Pteranodon and Scaphognathus are Legendary).


It escapes and you have to get it back


I don’t think so. I think Code 19 just vanishes.