[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #25


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Little off topic of the update but is there any chance you can stop being able click on things on your park when a screen is up on top of it I accidentally sold my event jurassic park gates and was a little pee’d off about it as I can’t ever get them back thanks


I have no idea what “Ferocity” means in this game, The important stats are Attack and Health, and that’s about it. What does Ferocity do and how does it affect our decision to field the dinosaurs?


I will like to add that I am extremely worried that my 7-year-old boy will accidentally sell off the dinosaurs by mistake with no way to get them back. The game does not even prompt us to confirm when selling.


The ferocity ranking relegates some of my better dinos way down the line.


The closest thing I can figure it correlates to is DNA cost, though that still doesn’t help. It’s probably a formula of health dividing by attack or something like that.

@DinoStan, I’ve noticed that any dinos for which I have a card ready to hatch, those dinos get moved to the very bottom of the ferocity scale, even if it’s a high-level creature like a Troodon or an Indominus or a Mosasurus. Not sure why it does this move; it can be annoying, but there it is.