[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #26


New update 26 is coming soon!


  • New Creatures
  • Bug fixes
  • Balancing changes and tweaked features
    • Code 19 Modifications
      • Players now have the option to either play Code 19 and earn exclusive prizes, or Send Owen to take care of the asset out of containment
      • Balancing bugs have also been rectified in order to provide players with the intended experience.
  • Fight for Funds: Battle with your land creatures to earn Dino-Bucks.
    • Unlocks at level 20.
  • Fight for Fusion: Battle with your land creatures to earn S-DNA.
    • Unlocks at level 25.
  • Clash of Champions: A Clash of Titans style battle, but for lower-level players. Complete battle events throughout the week to earn entrance into this special event.
    • Available from level 25 to 45.
  • Clash of Titans: This event is now the higher tier version of “Clash of Champions”.
    • Unlocks at level 45.

Am I losing it



Unfortunately I can’t enjoy game bcs the game is still doesn’t run and no answer from support was received.


Can’t wait and hopefully they will do a woolly mammoth tournament so we can get the new cenozoic hybrids and the Indricoceros. Thank you so much for all the new hybrids and tournaments!:+1:


What excitement I want to leave is updating :heart_eyes:


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I would like to see a new dinosaur, Tarbosaurus, as a tournament carnivore.


Fight for Funds and Fight for Fusion look very welcome. Thanks Ludia team!

Will these be daily fight events or something we can opt into like PVP or Tournement play modes?

Does this update provide a tweak for the Ferocity roster? Or help explain the calculation for it?

Thanks again for the Code 19 rework. By earning prizes, will this be a prize wheel type reward system? Will this include the special DNA types currently offered?

Again thanks!


Dear Ludia,

after months of collecting velociraptor DNA, I can finally create the Indoraptor. Now, every time I want to get it out of the creation lab, the game crashes…

Is there something I/you can do?


Having the same issue super frustrating!!!


Whenever I press events the game crashes, help?


I have same problem too


Me too fatplug. I can’t finishe my daily missions because of it

Also, how do you download this update?


Hey NatoPMT, depending on which device you’re using, you might need to go into your app store and manually update the game. For an Android device, please go into your “My apps & games” in the app store, for an Apple device, you’ll need to tap on the “Updates” tab in the store.


Done! The update wasn’t showing on my app updates but found it now


Ludia, there is a bug that whenever I try to claim my daily missions prize, the game crashes…


I’m sorry you’re having crashing issues with the game @Djdjdj_dhDBDHdj. There was a small update that went out recently, could you make sure that your game is updated to the latest version? If you had auto updates on your device turned off, you might need to go into your app store and manually update the game. If you’re still having issues after updating the game, contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.


Same here. What’s going on? Game won’t updatrpe just sends me to this sit


I been trying to collect my indoraptor in the creation lab but it just freezes and locks up I already updated in the app store but I’m still having the same problem I don’t know what to do???