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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #26

I tried that too and nothing.

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Where do I get the update? I cant collect anything in the game and it keeps bringing me to this site. The update is also not in google play

Dear John,
Problem is solved by support my data was corrupted so problem was on game side not mine. Now I have explanation from support and apologize.

Same here let me know when they find the problem I don’t have a clue how to contact the support team about the indoraptor freeze problem

What download is updete?

Hey Articuno84, another player is having a similar issue as yours, and there’s some information on this thread here that could be useful to you: Indoraptor

U need enter un Play store and search the update

On my end, the software is much improved, less glitches and more stable post update.

We’re is the update?

Good update

So after the update I haven’t seen anything. Yet to experience a code 19 (at all including from update 25), and I can’t figure out where all these battles are to win Dino bucks or S-DNA. Can’t anyone tell me?

K don’t know why but it says this is where to update the game. I’ve looked everywhere and don’t see any way to do that Does anyone k ow how to upgrade the game

Thanks for this update. Does lvl 45 get both or the Cash things though, and are the other 2 gonna be balanced based on lvl? I’m honestly scared to look XD, no offence ^

Oof my game crashed and I thought it was a one time bug on my part but now I see other ppl are complaining ^ just wanna say it’s happening to me to, and I’m nowhere NEAR the indoraptor… part of the map had turned completely white!

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OOF AGAIN! nvm, It fixed itself when I tryed again! I WAS RIGHTHTHTHTHTH! lol


Could you add more ankylosaurs to the game? There’s only 3

Also many months ago I unlocked the Giganotocephalus but then it crashed and it wasn’t unlocked. It was also gone and showed that it was in the Asset repository, but it wasn’t. All I’m saying is can I have it unlocked again? Otherwise I just wasted both a level 40 Giga and a Euplocephalus.

Can you guys balance the tournament so people can’t have an unfair advantage

You are not battling other players, you are battling bots, only your tournament points are compared to other players.

What do you think needs to be balanced?

What level are you and how long have you been playing?

I ask these questions as the highest two ranks should not be expected unless you have been playing for a while and a decent set of dinosaurs that has a deep enough amount of them where you can battle multiple times to get to a certain level and then battle enough times to keep that level with out spending Dino bucks to refresh them. Less Dino’s needed the more bucks you have to keep refreshing them. I have a decent set of dinosaurs am level 75 in game and been playing for about 9 months now, I generally land around rank 80 in Dominator. But the first 5ish months I was lucky to break into hunter and predator leagues.

I hope this helps put some of it into perspective on the tournament.

Remember domminator is for the top 1% of folks that play the game. The FB page for this game has over 1,300,000 likes let’s assume that maybe 5,000,000 play the game might be more might be less. That means that dominator status is only for the top 50,000 which might seem like a lot until you realize that there are 4,950,000 other folks trying to get into that same rank.