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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #26


It updated on its own I think…


This update crashes every time I try to claim cash in daily rewards. Playing on a 2018 iPad with latest ios


UContinuing the discussion from [Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #26:


UContinuing the discussion from [Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #26:


@Stanislav_Uhlir: The game DOES run for tens of thousands of people just fine. It only fails to run in Your situation. So what exactly is your situation? Give details and we might be able to help you.
Or do you just want to be a Gripe-Bot?


Yes! I just dismissed my first code 19! Thank you Ludia and thanks Owen!


how can i download this?


No update available in App Store. Every time I click on ‘events’ it crashes.


Before you get the indoraptor please delete your Jurassic world game app on your iPhone then download again so that after you can get the indoraptor it doesn’t crashes


Whenever I got into events the game just crashes on me and the update isn’t coming out for me in IOS


Same issue. Why are there no developer responses?


I found If you delete your game then get it again you will need to sign in but you will be able to go to events!!


For those suggesting to delete the game and then re-download the game. This will only work if you are not playing on a guest account so please be careful about stating this as a catch all solve. I was able to login to the iOS App Store download the update and have had no problems with the update. I have not seen any of the additional features yet, I did see the different backgrounds on the tiles for each of the Dino’s to help separate the various hybrids and legendaries. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Hey, having the same problem as @kjh, @Articuno84 & co.
Game solely keeps crashing when I try to get my Indoraptor. Everything else is working fine. I’ve installed the update, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but still no solution.
Any other ideas?


Hi why cant i collect my daily events keeps throwing me out the game pls help


Same with me! Contacted support and nothing! Please let me know if you find a solution!


Same here with the indoraptor freezing issue. Please let me know if you find a solution.


I tried that too and nothing.


Where do I get the update? I cant collect anything in the game and it keeps bringing me to this site. The update is also not in google play


Dear John,
Problem is solved by support my data was corrupted so problem was on game side not mine. Now I have explanation from support and apologize.