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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #26


Talking ‘bout too many dinos to hatch, how’s 311 sound?


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Hey you🐶


Um, yeah. One more reason I have decided not to go VIP: I can’t even keep up with all my dinos as free-to-play; why would I go VIP to pay money for more dinos I couldn’t get to?

Hope all those eggs don’t get too cold. Maybe sell some to InGen!


The world may be cold, but the dino family huddles together to keep each other and unhatched eggs warm. Here’s a sampling why:


if u aint taken em can I have em? XD ik thats not how it works


my lord umm uhh


Me either I’m going through the same thing


Escuse me! I dont like that Monostegotops is going away! Thats mean! Sorry, Im very tired rn, but I must speak about it! MEOW MEANY heheheh yep Im officialy kinda loco! I dont play much, but I slowly inch to them. You cant do this! YOU CANT! ITS EVIL! STOP THIS CRAZYNESS! I DAMAND OF IT! PLEASeeeEEeeEssss


lord help this child (me)


fork a doodles


The Mono-Stego isn’t going away; super-Monolophosaurus DNA will now be available on a rotational basis along with some other kinds of super-DNA. See this thread.


Why there have to be so many different types of S-DNAs? Why not just accumulate only 1 kind to the required amount & we can create any of the S-Hybids?


Probably the same reason as almost anything in any other freemium game:


One single super-DNA is easier, but it’s also easier to get, and thus players will pay less and/or watch fewer advertisements.

You could also make the case that it wouldn’t make as much sense for a single super-DNA to work for all hybrids, but the regular DNA is the same currency for all the normal dinos, so, as usual, video game consistent reality goes out the window. :slight_smile:


I still can’t play this game. I’m so addicted to it. I had to roam around top1apk to find the alternative, but there was nothing. Such a shame!