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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #27


New update coming soon!


  • NEW creatures and events coming soon
  • Balancing and bug fixes including:

New Indricoceros Stats

at level 40

  • Health: 4 650
  • Attack: 1 453
  • Coins: 160,776 / 2 hrs


Is there a way to get more information? Estimated date? More details around what the update is actually doing? This kind of announcement is the equivalent of something to the effect of “Dinner scheduled”.
When is dinner scheduled?
Where are we eating?
Who’s going to be there?
What’s the occasion?
Why this date/ time?


Wow sweet another update! Please Ludia dont forget to change Dilo’s roars she is not a Raptor and give her venom ability in her max attack


Cannot agree more.
Such kind of an announcement is very annoying and just wasting our time and enthusiasm.


I wish I had matchmaking system balance improvement because it’s so annoying to fight in legendary such as frustrating feeling in new update


Thank you for buffing the Indricoceros. I saved up and spent a ton of DNA on it because it’s my favorite hybrid currently and i have it at level 30 and it kinda sucks but this buff is really nice.


Is the update going to let us rotate buildings?


Dilophosaurus couldn’t even spit in real life


Technically Any animal can spit but the dilophosaurus can spit venom


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Hey why not u make a vip hybrid you have not done one yet and anyways you have not made a really over powered Dino for 7 months. It could be a prestosuchus barionix hybrid, it sould be called prestonix. It sould be a carnivore because there is already way too many over powered amphibians


Plz make the tres have more health and dance at level ten


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Can you guys update the amount of coins we can carry because I already have the max which is 99,999,999 please and thank you and can you guys also have clans and 2 V 2 matches which would be a big game changer.


Couldn’t agree more at both topics


You can also make a gallimimus - scaphognathus hybrid that should be herbivore and an allosaurus - darwinopterus which should be a pterosaur. Or a shunosaurus - kentrosaurus herbivore hybrid. What do you think of these beautiful combinations?


I was thinking that there aren’t any legendary sauropod hybrids. Maybe you could add an amargasaurus + shunosaurus for an ultimate sauropod. Or instead of shunosaurus, add in kentrosaurus. That way it can be a herbivore better than segnosuchus. We need it. Because while segnosuchus can hold its own against lower carnivore hybrids, it can’t stand up to the likes of Pachygalosayrus or any strong canivores.

Also, you could add a Pteranodon with eryops to make a new flyer hybrid, one that can nearly match metrpohidon. It could also have more health less attack. But if you even choose these, I don’t care about the stats :slight_smile:


I think it should be an amphibian. If they even do release it, remember that carnivore already have indoraptor, Yudon, and many more OP carnivores.

I think that they need to add another super hybrid, possible amphibian, but make it that VIP’s get 4 times as much of the DNA. And the DNA should be from a VIP creature.


Just waiting for Ludia to add Siats to the game. They will wisen up eventually.


the jurassic world the game should tell you just go to news