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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #27


The issue is when they released the first post on this thread there was no information in the game about it. There is still no information about what was actually done. Last two updates per the App Store information:

Again these are lacking any real information that could be included.
What bugs were fixed? What devices game play were optimized? How many new creatures? What level? What group are they part of? It wouldn’t take much time/effort but they have the information they just choose not to share it, and I can’t figure out why they don’t/won’t.


I agree whole heartedly raptor


My game was corrupted with update 26 and until today I did not get a repair, this is very sad, to reach the maximum level have great dinosaurs and hybrids and do not repair my account until today


I am very happy for the changes coming to Indricoceros. If you’ve seen TheGamingBeaver’s video you know how the community reacted.


If your gonna update, GIVE US A BIGGER ONE! You waste our excitment, and time!


Give people free indoraptor plus not a lot of code red IT’S ANNOYING one more thing if you get a velociraptor can you give them a name and be able to give it a design make it feel like Jurassic world evolution


I wonder what hybrid is used to make this croc.


The croc is most likely Koolasaurus. I looked at all the ambition croc looking hybrids and this and diplotator are the only ones. Most likely Koolasaurus. But don’t max if you don’t have it. I’m not totally sure


The new super hybrid is Diplosuchus but it seems odd that it would cost 1500 sarcosuchus S-dna to unlock this rare superhybrid whereas it takes only 1000 S-dna to unlock super rare superhybrid Monostegotops… Doesn’t make sense…


It took 2000 SDNA for Mono Steg, it cost 1000 after you unlock the first. If the pattern repeats it will be 1500 to unlock the diplosuchus and then 750 for each additional hatch after.


@Mohit, another thing to add to @Sionsith’s insight is that Diplosuchus is (I think) a rare superhybrid, whereas the Monostegoceratops is super rare, and the Indoraptor is legendary. The rarity designation might also be part of the choice of how much super-DNA to require. That, and/or Ludia is being gracious to us in requiring less super-DNA since it’s harder to accumulate due to the rotation they’re instituting. For a freemium game, Ludia does a good job at making goals achievable by both paying and F2P players, for which I commend them.


@Sionsith and @HanSoloWannaBe thanks for the information… I overlooked that it’s the initial creation cost for Diplosuchus and the consecutive ones should be less… Probably I missed this part as I was playing late… :blush:


I hope they realize Siats would be one of the coolest additions to their game. I hope they release it.