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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #28


Update 28 is coming! Read on to prepare!


  • 2 New Creatures to be rolled out!


  • Tournament Rules
    • Tournaments may now include new dynamic Rules, such as Rare only, Amphibians only, Hybrid only, Rare and Super rares level 20 or above, any creature 30 or above, etc.
  • Code 19: New Sliding Mini Game
    • Trace precisely from point to point with the right timing.
    • This mini-game will only be triggered when trying to contain your stronger creatures.
  • Improved Packs Market
    • Collect the Mystery Pack directly from the park.
    • New Market layout.
    • 2 new tabs: Special Offers and Resources.
    • Find all Special Offers in the same space.


  • More Monostegotops!
    • You can now collect Monolophosaurus DNA (S-DNA) in Code 19!


  • PVP Wheels: Improved Rewards
    • Following your feedback from our surveys, Land PvP now gives Land creatures (instead of Aqua), Aqua PvP now gives Aqua creatures (instead of Ceno), and Land/Ceno PvP now gives both Land and Ceno.
  • Pro Tips Improvement
    • You can now find all the Pro Tips in the new Options menu.
    • Pro tips are sorted by categories.
    • Find easily the last pro tips from the last update.
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Let’s hope this update allows me to play my game again!


Nice update! Also Ludia pleass add a feature we could change our Dino names and put their name next to their originial names it wohld be great :slight_smile:


Hello excuse me, why do not perform an update so we can have a team or join a dinosaur guild?


Hi ludia excuse me improve PvP matchmaking system not joking because I always have fighting players that having better dinosaurs than me which make me frustrating and its annoying


Can you fix the sound of Synapsids when defeated?


Lydia please improve the pvp match making, i always end up with players stronger then me


Please put to market to buy some S-DNA will be great


The new update is available on the App Store for iPhone users.

New app icon:

New loading screen:

New card pack organizer:

I like this since it separates out the pack options allowing the 6 hour one to be quickly found with out scrolling to find it.

Also a new icon to get to the card packs, I had already collected my 6 hour pack prior to doing the update so I will be interested to see if clicking this automatically collects it per the information on the original post.

Noticed another SDNA slot added:

New tournament information for future tournaments:

Will be interesting to see how this is implemented on future tournaments.

New code 19 function:

Haven’t had a chance to try this out but looks interesting.

Not sure if this is totally new but it was the first time I saw this so sharing:

Each of the different sections has a bunch of information that will be great for new players trying to figure out how to play the game.

New aquatic creature:

They also implimented the new prize wheels for the different “PvP” battle options so check those out, the golden pack is back for the standard Land pvp battle.

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Does that mean you can get legendary pack free too every 6 hours?


I don’t think so, in the 6 hour VIP pack I know there is a chance for some regular legendary creatures but not a gloden pack.

I was referring to this as a prize in the PvP section:

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Ah i see thanks for info


Make it feel like Jurassic world evolution

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So this update did what again?
Wasted time on an “improved” pack market. With the dna I have, I could max out 16 Suchoripterus’ in 7 months without ever speeding any hatchery or evolve times and have 17 pterosaurs better than the super hybrid pterosaur I wouldn’t have maxed in that time. Ridiculous! And did something to code 19. Some update. I can remember the good old days when an update featured creatures you could access and create. I can hardly wait for my VIP to expire. Back to free play.


Please update the game to fit the new iPad Pro 11” screen.


The new Code 19 minigame is not impressive so far. Maybe it’ll grow on me. It’s tough to time it right; you can’t see where the circle that you have to follow is because of your finger, and if you move your finger to see it, well, you lose that minigame. Maybe it’ll get better, but the learning curve is rough, since if you screw it up you lose a dino for half a day.

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I just won a Brontotherium from a 10,000 VIP point pack. I thought it would be good so I was happy I went into my paddock and fed him to level 10. I was disappoint this is the worst VIP dinosaurs I have ever seen. You need to give it a buff. Also I realized that a level 30 hyenodan has more than 100 less attack and 400 less health than a level 30 eudmorphodon. Please give both Brontotherium and hyenodon a buff. Thanks!


I could play till last night when I updated V1.31.13. Crashes every time as soon as it opens. Not cool. I highly doubt compensation will be given out. Probably just a “sorry”. Very disappointed to say the least.