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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 32


In order to synchronize our internal versions with the numbers applied to each release, we have decided to rename Update 29, Update 32. Essentially, this means that we’re going from Update 28 to Update 32 and will continue with 33, 34, and so forth. Apologies for any confusion, and please read on for Update details.


  • A Jurassic World Alive fan favorite will now be available in your Jurassic World: The Game park.
  • Balancing and bug fixes

I’m under the impression it could be Brachiosaurus, but I haven’t played JW Alive for ages, so i’m struggling to think what dinosaur is considered a favorite.

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I hope Dilo roar will be fixed too thanks for update Ludia


@Jorge any estimation as to when this update will happen?


When will this happen? Also will it fix my broken game again? I had to wait for the last update to fix it and now it’s happened again!


This is live now so make sure you download the update, I didn’t realize it was out, as there was nothing in game directing me to get the latest update.

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