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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 33



  • A new hybridization will be available, as well as two new Cenozoic creatures!
  • Balancing and bug fixes

Nice its good thing the game keeps updating fast but we need more time to finish the events we lost 3 events… :frowning:

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Sounds for me a little bit like business as usual. I think the game needs a new evolution. For several times the introduction of a new class of animals was proposed here in the forum. My suggestion was prehistoric insects. Would mean a new dimension, new battles and a lot of more options to hatch and to evolve.

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I hope the new hybrid is another aquatic one, or at the very least, NOT a tourney-hybrid. But… if it is a tourney-hybrid, please let it not be a carnivore.


When it comes, Ludia?thanks


Minor bug: after a PvP match, the prize wheel seems like it is going to keep spinning and then abruptly stops to show me my prize. Animation problem. Anyone else seeing it?

I say just eliminate the prize wheel animation. RNJesus decides what we win before we ever spin. Give us the few seconds of our lives back and just present us with whatever our prize is.


I saw it too. The first spins after the update really annoyed me because I saw several times a lot of dinobucks at the horizon and then the wheel suddenly stopped giving me a lot of useless dinodollars.
Now I think it is just a way to make the spinning process a little bit faster.
What I always say to my customers (I’m a software developer, unfortunately no games but boring banking stuff) ‘it’s not a bug it’s a feature’

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Yup saw the same thing this morning and figured it was an “upgrade” to the game. Trying to give us a bit of time back with no slow stop to the wheel. But it did throw me off the first few times since I am used to the slow stop and seeing some great prizes a few cards down from where the brakes got applied. I appreciate it just need to get used to it now.


I think thats good to get the high prize easier :slight_smile:


@Dunks20 You should black out your support key on that screen shot.

And yes your version of the app is old and needs to be updated:


When I load the game it’ll say update and then it’ll redirect me to the App Store but it hasn’t got any available updates


All I know is the version number that I have on my app from the App Store is a newer version than the one you are running. Try turning your phone off and then back on, then go to the App Store and update the app. You are running an outdated version off the game, and I am guessing will continue to get the same error until you update the app.


I once had this problem because I’ve installed the game from the Amazon app store. They were not able to deliver the update for weeks. At the end I switched to Google play.
If you have a similar problem don’t forget that changing your app store means a new installation of your game. If you do so notice your support key and ask Ludia to transfer your data to your new installation, old support key to new support key.


Cheers, I’m reluctant to delete the game though, I’ve spent about 200/300 pound it


@Dunks20, you should probably go back and black out your support keys on the other posts you made as well.


Hello Lydia. Where is juggernaut 32?


Based on the FB post from them yesterday, it looks like that will be the boss battle this weekend.