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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 34


I know I’m in the minority here but I translate get a common dino to getting dna. Which is a far better reward than the handful of coins or food the old prize wheel normally gave.

(Just trying to put some lipstick on this pig…)


The land/cenozoic pvp is totally worthless for anyone playing the game a reasonable amount of time. I’m only level 67 and I have every common dinosaurs paddock entirely maxed out with level 40 creatures except the bonitasaurus and diplocaulus. I can only imagine what it’s like for higher level and substantially more senior players.


To get DNA out of the commons, you have to either get trade offers (so far I’ve only seen one of those) or use your custom trades. You can get MORE DNA, just by going to the DNA screen and watching a few ads to get 50 DNA each. They might be a better if you could trade more than one at a time but you can do a max of 3 a day for maybe at best 75 DNA. Not a good use of your 3 trades. So yeah, the common dinos are even more worthless than the previous coin and food rewards, IMO. The hybrids would get a far better price, but are a fairly rare prize. The only reason I’ve played the new land PvP is the fairly high chance of getting packs. These at least have a good chance of some DNA or DBs, but you also get a fairly sizeable amount of LPs, which as a VIP I get doubled. Even with all the times I’ve gotten a loss due to the darn bug, and the handful I’ve messed up on my own, I’ve hit the packs enough to make it relatively worthwhile, for me at least. But then, I was only just recently able to even get to the Elite prize wheel so it really burns to have it taken away so soon afterwards!

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I was thinking more of hatching and selling than trading. For example I did my daily mission PvP requirement got 1 pack and 2 commons. With the hatch times so short and a bit of clock watching the 2 commons became 2 of my 3 speed ups which I did once they hit the free range.

Like I said I’m really just looking for a silver lining to this cloud. My personal thought is that the time and resources dedicated to this revision could have been better spent dealing with the crashing/freezing issues. Believe me I’m no fan of this change from what I’ve seen of it so far. I figure I’ll give it a couple weeks, let them work the glaring bugs out, see how the game really plays in this new revision, and then make the call on continuing or moving on.


Oh selling them! Didn’t even know that would net DNA, I just hadn’t ever even used that before since I haven’t played long enough to max out on my numbers yet, but yeah, that’s definitely a good way to get something out of them. And yeah, they definitely are an easy way to get your speedups done.

I keep trying to play the PvP anyway to see if I can get up to 10K for another loyalty pack but the game server bug is just hitting me so often, it’s just driving me crazy, it’s not a huge loss of DBs although that’s bad enough, but it takes a fair amount of time to play these PvPs, and between the ones I still manage to lose, and the bug, I end up only even getting to the prize wheel about half the time and so it’s hard for me to justify the effort.

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I would suggest laying off the PvP for a couple of days if you can stand it. This has happened before and they fixed it then so I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they will fix it again. I am looking at the common rewards a s a good thing, I would have preferred they not take out the DB, VIP, and straight DNA, but am grateful they removed the coin and food prizes. I will let this be a way to max out my common paddocks to hopefully out weigh some of my other paddocks and become coin generators, or if my paddock is maxed then I will hatch and sell for DNA like @KenO mentioned.

It is interesting that you can use any level of creature on the standard PvP and get the same prize wheel meaning I can run through my level 1-10 commons in some interesting low level battles and I get the same rewards as if I brought level 20 VIP or tournament creatures to the fight. Again this will allow me to use creatures I have not used for a considerable period of time to actually produce some decent resources. 5 DB for creatures that will produce on the low end 50 DNA when you sell them to upwards of 300-400 I think for the hybrids is not a bad cost considering it is guaranteed creature or DNA prizes and you do not have to worry about coin or food popping up.


I’ll probably still play some just because it’s the weekend and due to health issues, I’m kind of homebound right now and not able to do a whole lot else for much of the day other than watch TV, but yeah, I’ll definitely not being doing them as much as I would otherwise in hope that they fix the worst of the bugs soon.

Now that I know you can just sell the commons for DNA, I’m warming up to them a bit more. I still think there should be SOME change in the wheel as you go up to the Advanced and Elite levels (a comparable wheel of rares and super rares would have been really awesome), Elite at least should have better stuff but at least for where I am in the game, they are reasonably worth getting and I definitely won’t miss having to sit through ads all the time!

Is there any real benefit to maxing out the paddocks for ones that are pretty useless for coin generation like the Triceratops? I still need to build up my coin generation, but whatever I can spare for DNA production is going to be important.


I wouldn’t call the trike useless when it comes to coin generation, mine makes 51k coin every five minutes, I do have to click on it but if I am playing I will click on it every five minutes or so in between battles and after playing for 30-45 minutes I have added just from that one paddock 300k - 450k in coins, its not great if you are going to let it sit for long periods of time but while I am playing it juices my coin production.

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Finally! My own mega-trike!


Might just be me but has anyone else noticed changes at the trade harbor in particular concerning dinos for dna? I used to see dna offered at above the 50% of the cost for a dino you normally get for selling one outright. Same with trading decorations for dna its running at 2/3 what it used to be. This is for regular trades not custom. Just looking for confirmation.


3% grandprize = 3 times grandprize per moth and get extra buck, dna, and loyalty point? Well… maybe for “some” dna is needed the most


If you’ve never sold creatures before, be aware that there is no benefit (to the sale price) from leveling up the creature. A level 1 and a level 10 bring the same price. We used to have to sell multiple creatures as part of the daily missions.


2 hits… u’re done for good


Yupp… the new rewards suits new players… not the high lvl player. Who thinks that this is a good idea?


That is another logic aspect of the game, isn’t it. When I first realised that there is no difference if you sell a level 1 or a level 10 I thought they were joking.
And it is even worse. If you sell a level 40 its price is only 8 times the price of a level 1, regardless of all the DNA and time that was spent to bring the animal to that level.
I wish we could sell a dino before we have to hatch it. The only alternative is to wait (weeks, months?) for an offer at the trade harbor, most probably dino against coins.


Previous wheel gave decent ammount of bucks, loyalty points and higher chance of legendary prize at least 1 per month… not a total common garbage


Yeah, but a Trike surviving a hit from Indominus is huge.


One more element: the MODs feel distinctly unlike Jurassic Park. The Jurassic Park series has always been a world of action, but not a world of combat. When I heard about a revamping of the raptor paddock, I got excited. How cool would it be if the raptors somehow actually helped in the arena? They were supposed to in the booster, but there was nothing really “raptorish” except the little animation that flashed across the screen with Echo’s face or Charlie’s face.

Context: the Indominus-Rexy-Blue fight at the close of Jurassic World was one of my highest geek moments in my life; when I saw it as a 37-year-old, my heart pounded like when my 13-year-old self first the asteroid chase in The Empire Strikes Back. I mean, that is an awesome fight scene.

With the boosters, I could imagine Charlie coming in for an extra attack, or Echo “stealing” some attack points for Sabotage, or Blue running in to defend my dinosaur like she defended Owen from the Indoraptor. But these MODs are strange supplements for the duration of a fight that don’t really have any connection to the raptors except a label.

I’m probably not making any sense, so I’ll try to summarize: the MODs feel particularly unlike Jurassic Park (imagine seeing extended Matrix-like fistfights in a Star Wars game), and they particularly feel unlike anything having to do with Velociraptors (especially in the aquatic world, if you think about it!).


Your last sentence has a point. I can’t get the picture with Echo wearing an oxygen mask out of my head.


I always looked at it as the raptors were teaching me how to do their special skills, and in turn I could then impart that knowledge onto my other creatures, be it in water or on land. It would be cool if the raptors interacted more. I know a lot of folks would not have liked it but I was hoping the new paddock would have had test stages you had to clear (similar to the code 19 functionality) instead of just spend your resources. That was one thing I liked about the old paddock was being able to level your other creatures in the park to help with the battles so instead of spending DB to progress you could have a creature help out.