[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 35

Update 35 will feature 3 NEW creatures and 6 NEW MODs!


  • Wound
  • Bind
  • Predation
  • Inspire
  • Terrify
  • Splinter

Can you guess how these MODs will affect battles?

Update 35 will also contain additional bugs fixes!


@Jorge any idea when this update will be coming and is there anywhere we can find a list of the bug fixes?


Hopefully this will fix the connection issues and excited about new creatures. Couldn’t care less about new Mods. Most likely will not add anything to the crappy experience using them already is and make it harder to get the actual useful ones like Nullify.


Thanks for the post. Always excited for updates but there’s nothing to like about the Mods except for the rewards for winning the battles. I am looking forward to the new creatures!!

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I hope there would be a mod to stop Toxin mod from damage or make it less damage becuse Toxin mod can kill any Dinos easily

Nullify is what you’re looking for


Is there going to be a pterosaur super-hybrid?
my idea for one is a common super-hybrid named Alangaripteryx (pelecanipteryx+Alanqa DNA)

Anyone gotten brave an downloaded the update, yet?

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Not here lots of folks posting on FB with packs that have zero resources in them. Going to hold off hopefully for another day or two.


Well, I have not updated and my daily mission pack were zero for all cards!

image image


Sigh, amazing how they can manage to continue to create NEW bugs with every update that seem out of left field. Let’s not forget the other “improvement” with the mod update that makes you have to go back to the Market to place multiple buildings/decorations. I still am boggled over what possible reason they had for doing THAT.


Yeah, that was one thing I thought made building easier but nnooooo, they have to go and remove that! Isnt it also amazing that the best MOD is the one that Nullifies other MODs!!

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I had not yet updated and received the zero resources card pack for completing all of the daily missions. Since the bug isn’t tied to the update, I’m now updating

I updated the game, and it fixed the issue. However it looks like card 1 and 2 will always have no chances to earn bucks, but card 3 will always earn you 50 bucks.

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And the update is now mandatory

Which are the 2 new creatures

Mastodon and two hybrids that were not officially released

Ah thanks a lot