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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 36

Update 36 is going to open up your Jurassic World: The Game!


A second island is now available when you reach Level 40! Players can now place more dinosaurs and create a stunning new park!


  • Split Wound
  • Siphoning Bite
  • Killer Instinct
  • Regenerate


The Park Level Cap is going up from 75 to 80! Players can now level up their parks all the way to 80, while participating in the new Story Missions, taking them to Isla Sorna. Enjoy the new missions and discover how Isla Sorna has been renovated and made ready to welcome your dinosaurs!


Why only 5 more levels. After more than 4 years Ludia could easily double the levels and fill them with an interesting storyline.


I’m happy with any level increase TBH.


Yes, but I play now for almost 3 years of which I am 2.5 at level 75. And from the time on I reached level 75 I hated each single XP point I got.


Ohhhh mannn!!! So excited for thisss. Can’t waitt.

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Looking forward to this. Maybe, just maybe on of these 2 new creatures might be Brachy


I think it was two new creatures coming

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I was thinking I might want to hold off on any further work on the story missions until this came out, when I hit the one for placing a second I-Rex, which I won’t do until I can buy it at discount, so this is perfect timing for me. Bummed at only 5 more levels though, but maybe they will continue to release new ones. Could really do without more mods too. So far new ones have not been any benefit at all.


Great work Ludia ! Just hope we dont need to spend bucks to clear the trees in park


What day is it out ,I need to know !!!

Okay but what will we get when we level up to level 80? Do we unlock new stuff, perhaps?

I am generally happy for this update. But one thing I am wondering about is if any mission we completed while at 75 before this update, will they automatically give us exp for it, and could end up at lv 80 instantly?

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For one, I am really looking forward to being able to get the dinos out of the repository. More territory is less helpful to me than being able to have more dinos in the field, and decorations.

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Same, I’m not picky with this…

I’m pretty stoked about this update.

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This is awesome news! Cannot wait!

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Do people think that this will come tomorrow and if so, when is the normal time, if it has one that the update will occur. Very excited

Can’t hardly wait for this new update 36 ready to see the new Isla Sorna island ready to start populating it with dinosaur

Check your app store, everyone. :smiley: