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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 37

It also, as you pointed out previously, does nothing to meaningfully speed up anything you actually want to speed up, unless you’re REALLY KEEN on mass-hatching Argentinosauruses or something. It certainly doesn’t make up for the lost 10%.


It is on UK Play store but not on ios so far

I wouldn’t be too worried. You are, unfortunately, not missing much.

Consider yourself to be lucky.

I have it on my main account on android. I am underwhelmed.

The update is not out for iPhone in the United States yet

The Cenozoic Vs. Jurassic PVP Wheel has been severely nerfed with a Bronze Pack replacing Golden Rewards

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Terrific. :worried:

Wow, Ludia updates are just the gift that keeps on taking, aren’t they?


Have we gotten any real improvements in the last couple of updates? It seems like rewards have only been nerfed, and none increased. How did they expect that to go over…?

On a different subject because I still don’t have the update available so let’s talk about this community event that the allotted time is half gone and we are not half way with the amount needed to complete this event so I guess this is another one our players are not going to make sure we complete makes no sense to me other than players not trying to make sure we get the reward our community of players need to step up

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Depending on the rest amount of time, watching one ad brings you 3 dinobucks saving.


I still have not seen anything for the iOS update 37 when will it be available could someone let me know I would appreciate any information

Was anybody really expecting the video speed up to be useful? I mean I was hoping for better but am not in the least surprised that what they give us for free is actually worthless.

Can we still watch videos for DB? I used to do that when I started playing (I mean at the very beginning) but when you get 1 DB per video you soon get to a point where it’s just not worth it. This speed up button is just the same. It’s going to be great for beginners, but when your hatch times are more than a couple of hours then I’d say that it’s a waste of time.

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New things.


Edited to say you have to be lev 80


So cool are we going to have a goat boss


Update is now up for ios in uk

I am wondering how many ads I would need to watch to get this quickly!


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It achieves something for them, in that with each ad clicked they get reimbursed from the company advertised through referral marketing.

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Finally got the new update 37 not sure that this is balanced based on ludia saying that’s what they wanted to do I can understand 20 minutes off on the hatchery for creatures with 3 days are less times three videos watched but the creatures that are 6 days 23 hours should take one day per video watched up to three videos per creature this would be more balanced now let’s discuss the cool down this should be 20 minutes times three videos watch for creatures with one day or less creatures with three days or less should be two hours off times three videos watched three days or more should be one day off Per video watched times three this would be more balanced

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Finally got the update for iOS this morning, so far the jury is still out.

The video speed up is, well okay at best, it’s not terrible as it takes nothing away but as others have pointed out this is really geared towards newer players where a 20 min speed up has a measurable affect. Granted I did like belong able to speed up a fusion pod that would as an hour long with three videos so kudos to you Ludia in that this implementation was slightly useful.

The Badge Beacon updates are nice so thank you for continuing to grow that part of the game.

Thank you for fixing the VIP trade harbor bug (or at least at first glance it has been fixed).

My one criticism at this point is how this was advertised up above:

  • Free “Watch Videos” option to skip Creature cooldowns

It should have read this way:

  • Free “Watch Videos” option to reduce Creature cooldowns

This would have been more correct in that I can not watch a video to skip my 14 hour cool down on my Spinotuschus but I can watch three videos to reduce its cool down by 1 hour.