[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 38

Don’t get what? The 50 DNA rewards for ads? Or the coin expansions? I’m not getting the ad rewards on either my iPad or Android phone.

I don’t get either free expansions or 50 dna on my ipad . I was referring to 50 dna. Wasn’t very clear sorry. :slight_smile:

I cba to report it via support.

There is no way we can be the only ones with these issues. I don’t really care about my second account anyway.

Hi @Mary_Jo and @Badgerzzz and any others with the DNA issue.
I am trying to gather more details to ask the team. I am assuming the DNA you are mentioning is when you click the plus on dna and it says watch a video to gain DNA. Is this correct?

If yes, is it their are no videos available or that you watch it and nothing happens? After I watch a video, I do not get a pop up but my DNA total has gone up by 50.

Any details you provide will be helpful,.
Please do not share personal information or your support key on here though.

If it isn’t that video can you give more details what the issue is.

Thank You

Note: I have asked the team about expansion levels 80-85 not being available for coins, they all say it should be just like all the other expansions, but they will look into it.

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Yes, that’s what I am referring to. I do get an ad to watch, but I always now only get 10 DNA for watching one. In the past, I’d sometimes get the 10 DNA ones, particularly if I had been watching a lot of ads to run up my DNA amount but they were typically rare. I’ve probably gone through about 30-40 ads at this point since that update just by checking 2-3 times every day to see if they are giving 50 again, but just seems like my account is no longer getting them for some reason.


Exactly the same.

I sent in a report in case it will help - for the expansion unlocks. I don’t watch the ads for DNA, so can’t speak to that.

All the new expansion land plots are for Dino bucks only from level 80 - 85 none of them are for coins

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Good news, my ads for DNA seem to be working again!

I’m waiting until I get to level 85 before unlocking any of the new expansions just to see for sure that they never switch over to coins. Since I did have to pay for some with DBs back when they added the new Isla Sorna with 5 more levels.


Thank you for letting me know! Now I will actually purchase them! I was holding out until I caught up with storyline and levels. But if that doesn’t make a difference, then I might as well pay now and start the long timers. Thank you again!

There is an issue, at least from the intended ability to expand park plots. Most folks should have coin slots available to them on the new island. If you want to spend the DB to expand that is an option, if you want to wait until it gets sorted that is also an option.

For me, I was having only Level 81 for Dino Bucks, rest 3 I got unlocked thru coins(as I am at Level 84 currently).
I think I have unlocked 1 Space thru DB when max level was 80. Thats why I got unlocking thru DB again for level 81. If u have not unlocked anything extra, you might get 1 land unlockable thru coins for each stage.

Now many plots have you opened up on the new island and do you have all of them opened up on the original?

I think I have opened 17 plots. 18th one is on progress. I cant open anymore from coins now.

If you continue to Dinobuck your way through the expansions, you will never get caught up enough to buy one with coins.

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I never thought too much about what I had to pay for an expansion but I think @Andy_wan_kenobi is absolutely right.
If you buy one expansion with bucks before it is enabled for coins you will have to wait two levels before you can buy the next one for coins.


I have done some better research instead of trying to count the expansion slots from the old island I built the old island:

and somehow I did miss calculate there are actually 64 plots on the original island not 54 like I previously stated up above (not sure how I got off by ten since no row is ten plots long) :frowning:. So 64 plus the 19 I have already unlocked is 83 so I guess the one that I had for coins left before the latest update would be a glitch since at level 80 I should have been only able to unlock 75 total plots for coins and any additional would need to be for DB. Which also means that if someone did expand all 20 additional plots from the previous update they would be at 84 plots expanded and have no additional plots for coins available in this current update since you can only get to level 85 only allowing 80 total plots for coins. There is a question though that @Tommi does raise is, when you do pass a level and you do get an expansion slot do you then get one for coins like you would have if you waited or is that just lost to history?

Someone please check me on the original island as I am now questioning if my map I have here is accurate.

@Keith if this new math is correct please tell the developers that “I must have put a decimal point in the wrong place or something.”


Yes. Being penalized for actually spending those bucks seems particularly unfair though. That pretty much means I can never catch up on either of my accounts assuming this is correct and I reckon it most likely is.

Hi all,
To answer your question, when you spend bucks to unlock a plot, you are fast tracking your game. It takes the next level that could have been purchased with coins and replaces it.

Ex. if you were level 10 and had not spend bucks before, you can spend bucks to purchase your level 11 plot. When you reach level 11, no new plots become available for coins because you already purchased it with Bucks. When you reach level 12 it will be coins again. If at level 10 you purchase 5 plots of land for bucks, you would need to wait until you reach level 16 to get a plot for coins.

Hope this helps a little.


It does answer the question but I don’t think it was very clear before hand that you would lose the free plots and in fact doom yourself to having to wait so long until they could become available again. Just saying…

When I first leveled up to 81, there were no expansions for coins. Just DBs. I have been sitting at 85 for at least a week now and I have had 5 or 6 plots in that time period cost bucks.

I don’t particularly mind, because they are only 200 a plot, but it seems like the others do. I think @Lora_Green can confirm the same has happened to her. So far I am at 10 plots unlocked all for 200 DBs. 2 of those came with level 81, and several have been after 85. So if I were able to unlock one with coins, I should have been able to see it by now.