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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 38

Hello Guys,
I have joined this forum today only just to express my opinions about the new updates.
I have been playing this game for since Sept 2018 and at Level 80 (Non VIP Member).

Firstly, i would like to say this seems to be super update which have made most of the players quite interested in looking forward to it.

What I like most:

  1. JW announcing the changes before it actually implemented changes.
  2. Cenozoic characters will be having just 2 Rarity just as Aquatic Creatures. This gives time to actually make the purchase of that specific dino.
  3. MODs available for lesser DBs. Everyday I purchase Common & Rare MODs which are available for Coins. Now buying legendary MODs also become feasible (thru manageable DBs)
    4.Obviously new levels.

There are still few areas which are not very clear.

  1. Cenozoic creatures which will be upgrading to Legendary and Super Rares, what will be the new DNA cost if it changing. (Most probably it will be changing).
    2.How the New Insta Hatch will work.
  2. What Fidelity Membership actually is? Can anyone join free of Cost or it will be worth some actual money.

Waiting for 7th Nov!!


Hello @Gunzz and welcome.
We all are very curious what the impact of all those changes on the gameplay will be. Especially cenezoic lineups will be totally shuffled, I have no idea what cenezoic events will look like for me after they made all those adjustments.


I’m also wondering about how much the hatchery times will change as well as DNA costs. Always keep mine full and set them to keep running based on my schedule. And too familiar with what they are currently are. I wonder how much they will change.

Does anybody know if these lightnings have a special meaning?

Hi Tommi,
The lightning bolt means a speed up is available.


That’s a handy addition, thanks!

Now if I could just get support to give me back the revenue tower that somehow disappeared from my park at the same time one of my paddocks got froze due to a Code 19 failure.

I still don’t understand. A speed up for dinobucks is always possible and I don’t have any additional speed ups available.
So I have no idea what this lightning is trying to tell me.

Woohoo, got my revenue tower back! Just found it in my News section along with the DBs. Yeah! They may not be very quick (it’s been almost 2 weeks) but at least they finally came through for me!

@Tommi - sigh. Well, it was a good idea at least. Hopefully just needs some tweaking.


There were 150 Dinobucks in my mailbox today. They may be tied to the update. In any event, thanks, Ludia


Click the buy bux and there is something new

In the aquatic pvp, they replaced the Aquatic Pack (that had a chance for up to 750 bucks) with a new “legendary floods” pack and that pack has 0% chance of bucks. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I guess there’s no reason to play pvp anymore. sigh.

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They want u to pay for the daily bus

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Their whole goal seems to make DBs more and more rare until we are forced to pay for them or have the game slow to a crawl. They give with one hand, and take away behind our backs. Will just result in more players getting fed up and quitting. I sure am not falling into their trap of paying for mods I can live without just because they are cheaper. And as I said before, not going to reward them for taking DBs out of so many places in the game by paying for “membership” to get them, when I already pay for a VIP membership… it SHOULD have just been part of that, not this greedy attempt to get even more money even from the loyalist players that already have ponied up cash.

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The one thing that I find to be extremely misleading is that @Jorge stated, in regards to creatures being unlocked, “Rest assured that these changes will not bear any negative effects on already acquired and unlocked features and creatures.”

However, Panochthus’ change from legendary to VIP would seem to have a negative effect on an already unlocked creature. That seems like it has punished those that have unlocked the creature despite his saying that there would be no negative effects.

I am not updating until my fleet of Pano are finished. I now have 3 @ 30, 1 @ 20, 1 @ 10 and 4 hatching. I figure it will take longer to hatch under the update. Managed to watch enough adverts to get dna to make one last Pano just now. My resources are lower than they have been for a long time.

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Let’s be fair to @Jorge. For starters, he’s probably just passing on release notes given to him. I hear your point: what was once an unlocked and hatch-all-you-want creature has been taken away from you. I’m just encouraging you not to do to Jorge what Claire did to Lowery: “Why’d you have to make it personal?”

@Jorge is a man of his word.

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I understand that @Jorge is simply conveying to the players what the developers have provided him, and we should not shoot the messenger. However, as the community manager and a voice of Ludia, his words carry weight. Ludia should understand this and understand there may be unhappy players due to misinformation. For those of us that missed the memo to mass-hatch the Panochthus, there should be some remedy that allows us to still purchase them for a limited time.

I would suggest making them available for 10K VIP Points for the next week, or making them purchasable through the dino market for DNA for the next week, etc. I understand you can have a “chance” at them through the VIP packs, but this “3% chance” (or whatever it is) does not replace the 100% chance you had through the market. I am also curious why this particular change wasn’t more widely broadcast, for example, on the in-game announcements screen. They have no problem telling us a gen 2 t-rex is coming through in game announcements, but they do not tell us that a Panochthus is going to being locked using that same medium? It just seems like an underhanded tactic.

I’m sure plenty of players do not check the forums regularly, and if you hadn’t because you had a busy day (such as I), you missed out on the fine print. It is just a bit maddening that a creature I once had unlocked is now not.

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Actually, quite the opposite. VIP creatures hatch in 6 hours, not 4+ days.


Mine had several days to hatch. When I downloaded the update, they were ready to hatch:

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Aerotitan was taken out of the level 75 battle stage. It has no unlock now.

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