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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 38

They did say some battle stage unlocks would be shuffled…

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If we’re only losing that single unlock with all of the Cenozoic shuffling going on, I’ll call that a win. They could have very easily required (and justified to a degree) us to reunlock everything that changed level, especially the ones that went up

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Also Postosuchus was moved to an earlier unlock stage. I didn’t used to have it unlocked. Deinocheirus is level 70, and Zalmoxes is level 80. I don’t know any others.

Same here! But generally the game will force you to update at some point.

The hatch time for VIPs is always 6 hours, so that actually might drop considerable.

You will be forced to update on Thursday.
I sped up some stuff to hatch my eighth Panochthus so I could update, I didn’t want it to auto-update without me having all of them. It’s a good thing I got enough for a level 40 because it looks like Panochthus will be a VIP only. That or it isn’t in the solid gold pack yet.

I had three hatching and mine all hatched when I updated! Might give it a try😊

Any word on DBs in the custom trade harbor yet?

Need to put armadilo back to paying for it in stad of vip

Looks like 50 DBs max for a legendary custom trade. Double that if you get a Fidelity membership. Is that on par with what people used to get before they pulled DBs from the custom trades?

Negative, it would have been 2-300 for legendaries from what I remember.


Definitely not… we used to be able to get 200+ DBs from trading an Apatosaurus fossil.

50 for a legendary and up is… paltry. I’d rather sell off the Dino for DNA at that point.


Prior to the update I had this one patch of forest available to open up for coin:

Now that I have updated it is going to cost bucks? Also I went to level 81 and said a new expansion is available which usually means one for coins but when I check the four or five expandable slots they all say 200 DB. I am hoping this is not working as intended so wanted to bring it up here.

@Keith , @Jorge, or @Ned thoughts?

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Woke up this morning and my android self updated game. I had a lev 81 battle to do and 4 Pano ready to hatch. I had forgotten it would have taken less time after the update. Would still have tried to hang on to get dna for another Pano though. Won 7000 dna and a park expansion in lev 81 battle. I had 2 park expansions to do at 200 db each. Might be my imagination but the park expansion times seem longer.

Paltry is one word. I can think of a few other choice ones for that being a response to “player feedback” on the nerfing of DBs in the game. The update says the amount of cash will depend on the creature’s rarity so guess maybe you can get more for tourneys and VIPs (if you are crazy enough to even trade the latter). This is almost insultingly bad… kind of the same way they nerfed the speedups and then got everyone all excited about a NEW way to speed things up… which turned out to be pretty pathetic.

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What did I miss?
I have no idea what this new way to speed up could be.

They said that there is a new way to get additional dinobucks but it’s clear what they did.
They give us a way to generate a small amount of bucks against real cash, on the other side they slightly reduce the amount of bucks that we can get via classic gameplay.
So in the end we receive the same total income in dinobucks by paying for it. And if we don’t pay we get less bucks than before.


I had an expansion for coins

Unlocked the new trex gen2 but not in store

It has not had an opportunity yet to be unlocked in the market yet.

I noticed the 6 hour free pack has been changed:

It seems they have added a different pack for those under level 50 and those level 50 or higher. Also saw they have SDNA now in it which I didn’t realize until I got some velociraptor SDNA as the last card.

What I do not understand is why they added the SDNA here with all of them available but the MOD PvP still is missing two of the latest SDNA options as prizes.