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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 38

I think I figured out what their “instant hatch” promise was… check out the T-Rex in the pic… instant hatch at lvl 10 for the low low price of… $49.99 :clown_face:


I will wait for black friday deal.


I am trying the one month fidelity thing. Still catching up after a fun weekend of being sick.

80 dino bucks a day are “meh” worthy.

This is the only other thing I have noted this far, also a meh.


Do your custom trades bring more? I saw something in there about how you can get up to 100 a trade instead of the 50.

As a fidelity member, when trading Dinosaurs for bucks you are given double, So if a dinosaur would normally get you 50 Dino Bucks as a fidelity member you will be offered 100 instead.

Hey Sionsith, could I ask you to reach out to our support team at with your support key? Our team would like to take a closer look at your account.


Hi Sionsith,
The devs say that each new level should get you one for coins, unless you have already surpassed the level by purchasing extra spaces using dinobucks already. If you can could write into support, they can look into it more for you.
Thank You

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In the process of sending in a support ticket right now. What was odd was I had one spot that I had not cleared before the latest update and it showed requiring Coins to unlock. Since the update that same spot switched to DB and even after gaining a level on the park and showing the gaining of an expansion slot all of the spots cost DB and are in kind of a random pattern of availability to unlock spaces.

You should have said:
If you normally get ridiculous 50 bucks for a legendary (!) dinosaur you now get disappointing 100 bucks.


Yep, green hue for double.
The thing is though, I have a ton of legendary dinos. So I could get maybe 600 dino bucks a day if I can trade 2x dinos per custom trade with VIP 3x trades a day. So really, that’s 380 bucks per day with VIP and monthly fidelity over just VIP. To be honest, trade harbor is usually better to me than that. Not really seeing the value.

Now if fidelity doubled all dino buck income like VIP does for most loyalty points, I’d be all over this fidelity thing.



I ran into the same. All my new expansions cost dino bucks. Even with expansion cards that drifted away. Expansions seemed to be in a preplanned pattern.

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Trade harbor just proved my point.


Once I hear from support I will update in the forums with any information I can gather.


Ooh. Look who got upgraded to Ambassador status. Congratulations


thanks @Andy_wan_kenobi, I will do my best to make sure I continue to earn the title for everyone here in the forums.


Exactly the same for me. You and @Sionsith are not alone.

LOL, love that comment! So true, so very true.

Hey @Sionsith congrats on your ambassador status! That’s pretty cool…


I didn’t see this posted anywhere else but is anyone else’s game crashing today? It was fine this morning then I just got an alert I never heard before… apparently my Dino’s were getting restless and the game wanted me to log in. When I did it kept crashing! @Keith and @Ned are you aware of this issue?

Hey JAD, could you try restarting your device and see if you’re still having this issue?

If the problem persists, please reach out to our support team here at, and our team could take a closer look to try and assist you further.

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