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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 39

Update 39 is coming to Jurassic World: The Game!

This is a minor update mainly to re-balance Cenozoic creatures after receiving player feedback.

What’s New?

  • Cenozoic stat re-balancing



  • Gen 2 stat re-balancing

  • New dinosaurs

  • Minor bug fixes and optimization


Cenozoic rebalancing…

We shall see

OMG - stats being shuffled again??? After all the work I’ve put in updating the Fandom pages. I hope it’s not going to change everything again…I may just have to give up if they are going to be making a habit of this.


Please don’t nerf Smilodon, Bear or Panochtus…
Edit: just checked. Thank God

Looks like my wish for GEN 2 Re-balancing shall come to fruition.

@Mary_Jo O yes surely hope not everything, hopefully changes we will get are for the better.

I hope that Ludia has a plan for those Gen 2 creatures. Otherwise they are beginning to annoy me.


Don’t think the update is live, yet

I hope I haven’t messed up my game. I raised all of my tournament level creatures to 30 to make them more competitive with my level 20 VIPs. If the elephants, snakes, and Gastornis go back to their original stats, this could hurt. Although Deinotherium is an embarrassment


You can see the new stats by clicking on “Savanah, Snow and Cavern” on the opening post.


Great, I was just going to ask where I can find the new statistics. :smirk:

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Finally i can have my fav snake in the game thank you Ludia your best💖

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Ludia will have a plan to annoy you even more I should imagine. :slightly_smiling_face:


Arrgh… not all of them but looks like about 2/3 changing again. Glad for the higher stats but really annoyed about all the time I’ve spent updating these that’s just been wiped out again!

I know exactly how you feel. I have my own little spreadsheet for my personal ferocity statistic. It’s awful to go through it again…and again…and again…


Time will tell

Definitely think the new Gen 2 stats are an improvement, hoping Indom Gen 2 proves a wonderful surprise given the Gen 2’s we have gotten have been meh in general.

Plz graphics update! Dark park mode, no shadows, no lighting, and predownload full game instead of downloading the app then the rest of the game

The update is available in Germany.

It’s available for Android in the US as well

Wonder what new dinosaurs the update is referring too?

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