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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 39

Finally i can have my fav snake in the game thank you Ludia your best💖

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Ludia will have a plan to annoy you even more I should imagine. :slightly_smiling_face:


Arrgh… not all of them but looks like about 2/3 changing again. Glad for the higher stats but really annoyed about all the time I’ve spent updating these that’s just been wiped out again!

I know exactly how you feel. I have my own little spreadsheet for my personal ferocity statistic. It’s awful to go through it again…and again…and again…


Time will tell

Definitely think the new Gen 2 stats are an improvement, hoping Indom Gen 2 proves a wonderful surprise given the Gen 2’s we have gotten have been meh in general.

Plz graphics update! Dark park mode, no shadows, no lighting, and predownload full game instead of downloading the app then the rest of the game

The update is available in Germany.

It’s available for Android in the US as well

Wonder what new dinosaurs the update is referring too?

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What battle stage do you get the T. rex In they changed it it’s not 19 anymore

I am guessing you have not yet unlocked it.

If so then go to the creature market and look for it. It will either tell you what battle event it will be in or that it will be unlocked via a special event.

screenie under to show what I mean but the rex is already unlocked.

I seem to remember they are posted somewhere here. I will try to find.


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Battle 54

Thanks to @Andy_wan_kenobi


FYI - they didn’t include it on the stats list, but the new cavern hybrid Archaeophicyon also got a bit of a bump up on stats. New level 40 is 3481 health, 725 attack vs. previous of 2830/590.


Whew, that’s… GREAT!!

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I just was able to unlock T.rex before they changed it :sunglasses:!

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After the update i do not have 3 custom operations anymore, recently i have finished the turnament on 5% and not received a single fidelity point, what happened?

Make sure you turn this in to support

I had the same issue with no Loyalty points last week. I submitted a support ticket and they gave me the points.
The same thing happened again this week, so I’m hoping they’ll do the same… Hopefully they figure out what is happening soon.