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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 40

There seems to be an update for the update available but I can’t find it on Google playstore so far.

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Oh thx but i have a question how do i install this update??

Normally you can find it in the store you used to install the game. Google playstore, Apple store or Amazon.
But as I told before, it is announced in the news section of the game but for me (German Google playstore) it is not yet available.
Either you get a notification from your OS when it’s available or you have to check your store from time to time.

Does anyone know if my dna count will be reset as I am one of the people who got a lot of dna from a battle reward

This. I asked the same a month ago in forums, for Quality of Life, explaining why we needed it.

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can u make bucks be not so hard to get and VIP is not worht it

Wow new dinos

I wish in the future im like GamingBeaver

@Ned, is there any information when the update will be available worldwide?

I assumed that button was for the update we just had so that those who did not know about the update could easily find it. I might be wrong though. I often am.


Maybe they lured me into a trap, because the text said that this is an update with a much more stable game version. I thought it must be a new one since the actual update is everything but it is for sure not stable.
And it seemed strange to me that they announce an update in the news section two days after it was released.
And the Velociraptor has a hammer in his mouth that’s why I thought this might be a repair update.
I might be wrong. I often am…did I hear this before?

And I was so looking forward to get rid of those annoying mini freezes.

I too am getting freezing problems, particularly when moving the map. @Tommi did you get a reply from support about this?

I did not open a ticket, @Badgerzzz did. I do not want to open a ticket for a problem that obvious occurred to so many of us. I did this twice before and never got any feedback.

I also noticed that the progress bar in the evolving chamber stutters.

The pulsating number badges are worse than annoying. Make them go away.

After the maintenance this morning the every 7-8 second glitch/hang up seems to be gone, and the rotating offer on the right of the screen that might have been the culprit. Also the game itself seemed to be operating more smoothly. But don’t know if that is because there weren’t as many people on the server since it had just been down.

I had the impression too, but meanwhile the mini hang up seems to be back, especially when I scroll through my park.
It looks a little bit better but it’s not gone.

Hey Tommi, update 1.40 should already be available in the app store.

Thank you Ned. I was most probably wrong, I thought this was an update for the update because so many of us are experiencing performance problems with the new version.

Thanks, Tommi, I will let our team know. If you haven’t already, could you send an email to our support team here at with your support key? It’d help our team with their investigation.


Please buff the Trex. 612 damage is too low. Please buff it. He’s too weak. I mean the Trex is one of the strongest dinos. I would really appreciate if you guys buff him in the next update.