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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 43

Hello fellow Dinosaur Trainers, Update 43 is approaching!

What’s New!

Episodes 6 - 10 updated

New Dinosaurs

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Better video content stability
  • Code-19 slider bar issue
  • Optimization for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Other

Improved cheater detection tools

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Does this update download automatically? I’ve been crashing like never before tonight on speed up ads and when I win battles.

(Edit, restarting my iPad helped my crashing problems, so I’m not worried about getting the update right away. I’ll wait this time.)

Me too. For some reason, it’s only on my wifi though. When I switch to my mobile internet it doesn’t crash. Ads don’t play as fast, but I’ll deal with that over crashing every time an ad comes on.

This update is more than likely not going to be available until next week some time, or at least that is the typical time line from announcement to release.

I don’t see somewhere a rebalance at Glythronax and Ophiacomimus stats. Why? I am surprised though that Zalmonodon has ideal stats for her cost…

Technically she is a bit over priced, but she is a flyer so she has expensive tastes.

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Compared to the other two recent hybrid stats , Glythronax and Ophiacomimus, the bird is just fine .

When I say over priced it is when compared to the ferocity of other similar creatures as you can see here when ranked by ferocity:

Cerazinosaurus is a bit under priced or over powered, but the opposite is true for Zalmonodon.

But it is new and new things are always more expensive than the old stuff.

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Ludia knows we want a Pterosaur.

Glythronax is underpowered/too expensive

Ranked by Ferocity:

image name image name image name image name image name image name

Pictures didn’t come through.

They are there now

hmm…what does it look like for you?

i was trying to put a scrollbox in but apparently it doens’t accept some types of HTML such as div tags.

This update is so useless and stupid. Someone summed up the overall opinion : Ludia could be focusing on adding dinos that people want, or just improving quality of life in the game, but no, they focus on people who realize spending money on this game isn’t worth it. The only reason they are doing this is because some people probably whined about it.

Rather harsh words for a product we haven’t even seen, yet


Yeah! It says episodes 6-10 updated,I must keep track of my current episode if I do not want to be affected by the change.

The update is live for US Android

Hm, that Code 19 slider fix could be promising. Several updates ago, I could keep my paddock of Indoraptors safe, but now I can’t keep any creature above a rare in its paddock due to lag issues. Time will tell.

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So is the Code 19 mini game fixed with this update? I still haven’t seen any Code 19s happen in my park.