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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 46

Oh no were not gonna get anything for this month then :frowning_face:

That’s the problem with getting early Christmas presents…


Will there be some sort of announcement to the community? I would think it would be in supports best interest to keep from getting an influx of tickets saying I didn’t get my next VIP gift, not realizing they already have it and got it early.

Not all players read the forums.

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My reply would be: You should…


But you also shouldn’t HAVE to.


To be fair, the added slot in the SDNA factory isnt even close to making up for the Fusion Lab issues. They need to fix the stuff they’ve added before they get too worked up over the fact that they made a mistake and gave the VIPs a freebie for a bit.


Ludía I love the update and all but we need more level cap dinos in the levels and lower dna price on some of them my ideas for 6 or 5 tournament dinos we got in the game that can only be unlocked through tournament should be the lower level unlocks for everyone All these dinos I believe should be able to be unlocked by level increase instead and it would be amazing I would send more money to get dna to get those dinos maxed

Hi @Kacob65, welcome to the forum! They already added a few tournament creatures to battle stages (Antarctopelta being the latest), so with new level caps more tournament creatures will be available in Battle Stages. However, there’s no fun if everything was a battle stage unlock. If you’re worried about your lineup for Tournaments, there are so many helpful folks on the forum that can help you with getting good finishes in Tournaments.

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I gotta admit that all the battle stage dinos are…bad in terms of stats compared to the other ones.


Yutyrannus, Antarctopelta, etc… yes they are not so good in stats. But yes, Yutyrannus makes a very powerful monster of a hybrid.

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Acanthostega too. I’m from 2021 btw.

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It’s only later on they started buffing the stats of new tourney creatures, I mean dracorex has same damage as deinocheirus but with twice as much health


@Jurassic_Fury you were right, looks so cool


Man I just would love trodon and gorosaurs to be unlock able through lvl caps that’s really the only request I have for y’all ludía can y’all please add that soon

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Welcome to the forum @Ark_Striker! :smiley:
While they aren’t battle stages (yet), they are frequent Clash Of Titans winners so you just need to be above level 60 and you can grab them if they win whenever the poll comes up