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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 50

Update 50 is coming to Jurassic World: The Game! Juggernaut 32, a new playable Boss, is making its debut, new creatures are coming, new badges and holograms are available, and an update on the Cheaters Protocol. Read on for more details!


New Playable Boss:

Juggernaut 32 will now join Omega 09 as a playable boss!


With the introduction of Juggernaut 32, we added more boss missions, new ways to earn B-DNA, and increased the prizes of the event. It will now be possible to receive B-DNA in Card Packs and Prize Wheel drops as well. These changes were made based on the community’s feedback for the Omega 09 event. We hope you enjoy the new improvements and don’t hesitate to leave us more feedback as we’re continuously looking to improve the experience of future events.

*Note: To earn the Juggernaut 32 for your park, you must first complete a set of missions that will only be available starting Friday, March 12th, 2021!

New Dinosaurs:

New creatures will slowly make their appearance in the game throughout the next weeks and months. Keep a close eye on our social pages for all the announcements! Here’s a preview of a new Herbivore, can you guess the creature?


New Badges & Hologram:

New badges have been added to the game. Completing these new badges will earn your park a new hologram - the Baryonyx!


Rebalancing Episodes 11 to 20:

We are continuously improving the gameplay of our episodes and have made episodes 11 to 20 easier for players to complete.

Cheaters Protocol:

Something you’ve all been waiting for! In this update, we will be taking an even more serious stand against players who are not respecting our fair play policy and guidelines. We invite you to read more about this subject on this thread: [News] Jurassic World: The Game - Cheaters Protocol | March 09, 2021

VIP Center:

More rewards! Six more months of rewards have been added to your VIP Calendar.

Bug Fixes

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Yeah, I updated and put me back a couple missions, But it’s totally worth it!
I had a hard mission anyways


Wow! What a cool update!


When will the update come out for IPhone and IOS

how do you unlock jiggernut


The goal is to have it out before Friday, but I do not have an exact time for you.


Alright thank you, I’ve noticed Android and Google play have the update yesterday but IOS so I was wondering if it comes out today or tomorrow

Nice update.

You seriously need to look at Boss Battle rewards. I have reached Havoc and Doom league several times. All that I got was some lousy food or coins. It’s ready not worth it.

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Still no update for iOS. :rage:


This look like a magnificent update, Juggernaut is one of my favorite boss :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:.
Also the new stand against cheater will make the game more enjoyable for those who are not using cheat.
Thank you so much for all the time you spent on this beautiful game
Best wish for all the teams;
Indominus Rex gen 2


While I’m really enjoying the update so far, and the boss events now have better reward chances, I have just one question surrounding the badge beacon, so currently im at indominus which covers most of nublar besides 1 paddock, the upgrades beyond this wont serve much more purpose in collecting coin, is there a possibility that you could create a separate badge beacon for sorna that unlocks after the indominus one?

Just a suggestion for a future update

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So in order to unlock Juggernaut 32 will it be the same as unlocking Omega 09 or is it special mission to unlock it? Will all future boss creatures have the same way to unlock it? Another thing when Death Dodo comes out will it be Cenozoic or will it be herbivore since it came out as a herbivore

Sorry , nothing interesting about the Boss event / fight . The rewards are totally rubbish. Just want to make it died faster to get S-DNA only .


Well the rewards are a lot better. The food or coin are now only a 20% chance each and come in the form of packs which also give loyalty points, and there is a way higher change for a locked creature or a pack.


Yes, what @Antwan said welcome to the forums everyone!


Will we still be able to obtain Omega 09? I’m on my last 2 quests to unlock it and it would suck if it got replaced and I miss out on him

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You can still get him of course
Don’t know how it will work on Friday though


Did everyone claim the rewards from the link? 50 Dinobucks


How Do I update


What @Aether_12 said, increasing the badge beacon doesn’t do anything beneficial. The current badge beacon at max more than covers the entire first island:

the left side and right side of my island, increasing an additional 4 spaces in all directions just picks up more forest and water that is useless. Now it would be great if either a second beacon was unlocked or the jump in tiles from the previous beacon to this new one was increased by, maybe 20-25 squares instead of the 4 squares so you could start collecting on the second island with the one beacon? 20-25 squares wouldn’t let you cover both islands but it would account for the dead space between the islands.