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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 50

Oh ok but like anyone of you guys got it as well

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It’s also because I am a vip that’s why

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It doesn’t matter if someone else has it or not, the point here is that your Indominus just destroyed your balance and if you create that Indoraptor, it will just go worse. We’re just trying to advise you that leveling up so much just one creature will not be good for you in the future.


If I might interject… We’re going a little off topic here so it would be better if the discussion could be continued here instead to keep it relavant.


Wow well thx guys I can’t believe that I would not have to fuse my indominus into a indoraptor so I guess I don’t have to fuse it to make it

imagine that you have a soccer team where there is only one good player and the rest is bad … does a player carry the whole team on his back?
No you need an entire team of good players alike :joy:


I don’t mean to impose, but offering this here once again. :eyes:

As the discussion doesn’t fit the title and topic of this Thread let’s take it someplace else to keep everything relavant.


Hey guys this is strange to say but the indoraptor is actually stronger and it was a good choice

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It’s weird to say but can your team handle an indoraptor? XD

It can’t, he posted a screenshot earlier in the thread and his next best creatures are lvl 10 tournament creatures.

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@Indofury1 you absolutely have to sell that thing. It will completely unbalance and make your events impossible.


Are all of you guys sure that this will work

I mean I have other dinosaurs that are strong as well but I think I should if there are more yes than no than I will do it

Dude, just sell it, don’t even doubt it.

Alright then

So what do you guys think about me hatching these types of dinosaurs

Just an opinion about it

the problem is not being unbalanced… the problem is not having equivalent support for it.

my lineup is unbalanced too but I have dinos to support this :no_mouth:

if he had several Vips level 40 and hybrids he could support as many indoraptor as he wants…

Forgive me for intervening a third time, but this discussion isn’t related to the Thread’s title and topic. I recommend continue it in this thread : Minor Advice and Desicions Thread to keep things on topic.


I think this thread has already derailed :smiling_imp:

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