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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 50

Thanks, Sionsith!


@Dimetrocarnus thanks

Ludia can you fix the juggernaut victory animation for some reason it goes into the ground when you win

Is it worth it to wait 16k b-dna in order to unlock juggernaut 32 or I should update my omega 09? Any ideas?

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Welcome to the Forum @Evangelos_Balasas! I would say yes, wait for the 16K B-DNA and also clear the additional missions even if you have reached 16K before unlocking it because once you unlock the Boss the rest of the exclusive missions disappear if you do not clear them.

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Bosses are a new thing in the game and the rewards aren’t really attractive, so I can only say that if you prefer Omega, go and upgrade it, and if you prefer Juggernaut, keep saving your B-DNA until you get it. FYI, I saw in another post that Juggernaut was easier to max up than Omega, so there you go.

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One boss = 6,000 coins
Two bosses = 12,000 coins

Welcome to the forums @Evangelos_Balasas

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Welcome among us!

In fact it is not pretty to look at!

Why did only gaming beaver get juggernaut 32 for free that is unfair


Where did you hear this information?

He is one of the best JWTG and ludia want to reward him for 5 (nearly 6) years of JWTG content
Also welcome to the forums

His most recent video

He was given omega 09 too I think

I mean he is the biggest JWTG YouTuber, we have seen him spend 500 dollars just to unlock and show a creature in jpb which came for free in a tournament like 2 weeks later so he deserves the free bosses I would say

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He doesn’t deserve anything!
What did he do more than some of our players ???

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He makes videos on the game, many people discovered JWTG because of him, besides Game developers giving youtubers stuff is very common, many games give youtubers early access stuff that hasn’t even been released for other players to hype up the next update or release

So if don’t see the problem with ludia giving gaming beaver or any other YouTuber for that matter, free stuff to promote them.


It would be a little unfair but I’ll get over it!

Omega 09 e Spinosaurus

I would assume that the 3.15 million subscribers have something to do with it, but you’d have to ask Ludia

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