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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 51

That seems to have cheered him up a bit!

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Buffing the Edmontosaurus was a step in the right direction. Still incredibly overpriced, so it could be buffed more, but now let’s do the same for Cenozoic animals.

If you don’t think Cenozoic animals need buffs, well…

Uintatherium (The Legendary wall-type animal for Cenozoic):
HP: 1944
Attack: 267

Therizinosaurus (The Legendary wall-type animal for Jurassic):
HP: 2427
Attack: 325

Styxosaurus (The Legendary wall-type animal for Aquatic):
HP: 2390
Attack: 405

My point is that the Cenozoic animals are basically completely outclassed by Jurassic and Aquatic animals, and they need buffs.

The Priotodon shouldn’t be stronger than the Mammotherium, at the very least buff the Smithetoceras and Mammotherium.


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Apparently there’s a bug with Pelecanipteryx’s name. It’s now spelled as “Pelecachtylus”. Was that intentional by any means? e.e


Ferocity is calculated weirdly. The game expects me to believe that a Level 40 Koolasaurus (3864 HP, 1476 attack) is more ferocious than the Unayrhyncus (4723 HP, 1208 attack), when it should probably be the other way around.

In general, we need more non-carnivorous super hybrids. Koolasaurus would be cool, as would be Tropeogopterus, Unayrhyncus, and Pachyceratops.

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It doesn’t seem to be for me.

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Perhaps a hint for a super hybrid

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I have pelecachtylus as well. Weird

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New Edmontosaurus stats for level 10 and 20



And here’s the 30…


technically yes cause he surpasses Brachiosaurus in ferocity, albeit very slightly… regardless I still think Brachio is better; he is more well rounded so he can do better in more scenarios and significantly cheaper.


Please make the bracket level open for all players. Because some dino are still lock

Hello Nel,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The team is looking into it, however, the initial response is that it was not intentional. I know that some of the bug fixes were translation-related, it could be the string was changed by accident.


Ohh, I see. I did also think that I could be the name of a new creature, but thanks for clearing that up, Keith. Cheers!

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Could you please make more basal gen 2s? Gen 2 fury is pointless when you can only unlock two creatures with it. Also a q and a video would be nice

discover update 51! No more purple eremotherium bug, no more mute aquatic, and, an improved edmontosaurus!

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There was already a thread


And the new dinosaures :smiley::money_mouth_face:

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