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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 51

When can we get the rest of the park expanded?


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This does make sense. Ferocity is calculated health + (3.2 × attack) which means 1 attack = 3.2 ferocity and 1 health = 1 ferocity.
Hope I helped you understand why koolasuchus is better ferocity than unayrhynchus


Add more new dinosaurs. That will make it better

Knowing the formula does make it make more sense, but I do think that an almost 900 HP difference is more important than a bit more than a 150 attack difference…

haven’t receive any update confirmation. the game says last update was 1st april. no update since 1st april

Me too!! :pensive:

At lvl 40 Unay has more ferocity than Koola. Even at lower levels when it isn’t, the ferocity gap is extremely small.

Thats probably why on update 50 aquatic and cenozoic dont have sounds at all.

The x ok leval30

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Glass canon sounds like someone plays division 2

Where is correct (fixed) model of Allosauurus?

I doubt that they will change Allo’s model after all these years, but maybe a gen 2 will come with the fallen kingdom/battle at big rock design.


Yeah, that is what I hope for

Also you should finally fix that infinity main screen loading + this

After this update are it just worse

See this thread

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I see:D okay, thx, but still that infinity loading screen, with every update I hope it will be done, but still not. and instead of 3 minutes of checking the game before sleep its 15-20 minutes of: wifi off, wifi on, data off, data on, 10x game restart, phone restart…, I really don’t like it anymore

I hope by this they mean, non-Gen 2s. We also have too many tournament herbivores. We need more amphibian tournament hybrids and reefs.


I already got a hybrid but I think I need to level them up

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Alangasaurus is a really good and cheap hybrid, good job!