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[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 51

I have the weird spelling error too.

And I have just checked, there still seems to be no way to get more Dimetrodon sDNA at least if you are non-VIP… was hoping that would change.

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Just sent a ticket to ludia for it!

Here’s the old stats for 31 and 40

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Level 39 and you have a level 30 indominus? Don’t believe it.

I noticed now, he must have spent a lot!

Hey yo does anyone have a indoraptor generation 2


Oh wow what level is it at

This is a level 40, but it’s not mine, I got it from the internet!

Wait how can u show me

Do you have this one yet

Level 28

Huh so how u get the indoraptor generation 2

Because instead of making it you got it from the internet sweet

Because I’m level 44 and I’m not that strong to do it!

Tyrannosaurus gen 2 + Velociraptor gen 2 = Indominus rex gen 2

Indominus rex gen 2 + Velociraptor S-DNA = Indoraptor gen 2

Huh and how much raptor dna do you have because I am close to 4000

I have almost 2000

Congratulations, that’s a lot of DNA!
Maybe because you are VIP!

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