[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 54

Update 54 is now available! Read on for more details!

What’s New

New Playable Boss


Salamander 16 is now available as a Playable Boss!

Boss vs Boss Events (available at Park Level 60)

Using your Playable Bosses, fight against other Bosses in selected events and gain rewards!

Power Moves

You’ll now be able to equip a unique Power Move to your Playable Bosses!
Similar to MODS, Power Moves have different effects that can give you an edge in battle.

Your Power Move gauge must be at 100% to activate it.

You can fill out the gauge by:

  • Starting your turn
  • KO an enemy’s creature
  • Getting a creature KO’d by your opponent
  • Spending Action Points on it (Simply tap on the gauge to allocate AP and fill it out)

The bar will then need to be refilled to use the Power Move again.
Beware, as your opponent can also use Power Moves to KO your team.

Here’s a list of the currently available Power Moves:


Revive: Gain Action Points + Revive ability - When KO’d, your downed creature returns to battle with some HP. (Omega 09)

Charge Up: Gain Attack Points and Attack boost. (Juggernaut 32)

Prepare: Gain Reserve Points immediately, and Action Points each turn. (Valkyrie 77)

Reinforce: Reduce damage received and gain Block Points. (Salamander 16)

We’ve also rebalanced all Playable Bosses to ensure that players fully take advantage of Power Moves. Lastly, please note that Power Moves are only available in Boss vs Boss events.

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Oh my God, it’s here!


Update 54 is finally here! :smiley:


The new Boss event sounds cool. Much better fighting another boss than to tediously fight 30 regular dinos


Why isn’t “New Creatures” included in Update 54? Does that mean we won’t get any new creatures in the game until Update 55? :frowning:


Hey @Daven, can you at least confirm that new creatures will come out in Update 54?


However it seems strange that no Newsletter has come out!


Can anybody check that what does boss vs boss gives


update focused only on boss. for me it’s really bad. but…


Can the Super Rare Superhybrids be made more powerful? Right now, the Monostegotops is weaker than the Indominus, while the Spinotasuchus and Gigakylocephalus are barely stronger. For the Monostegotops’s stats, I’d recommend 7,063 Health and 2,134 Attack. For the Spinotasuchus, I’d recommend 6,523 Health and 3,734 Attack, and for the Gigakylocephalus, I’d recommend 12,378 Health and 1,478 Attack. With these buffs, these Superhybrids would be really super.

On the other hand, Boss v Boss would be pretty neat if I had Juggernaut. IF. Bleh, I guess I can be happy with my level 40 Omega 09…

EDIT: NEVER MIND. I want my nuclear-powered Tyrannosaurus Rex back, not some weak-sauce wannabe…


It’s better than no new features and updates at all :man_shrugging:


So the boss stats will be changed once I update then? Are they stronger now?

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Hello Dinosaur Trainers,
Please note that the update will be available in the Google Play Store later today.
Thank you!


Thank you for your suggestion concerning the dino stats, @Sunfishy_The_Sunfish.
I’ll forward them to the team!


Hey, @Daven! Can you tell us if new creatures will be added to the game within Update 54? Thank you!

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I can’t unlock salamander 16 or do the boss vs boss battles

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Hey daven. Could you please add Commons again? And also could you add non tourneys for the Brachiosaurus and iguanodon animation


quiero que salga un stegosaurus jefe porfa

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Translated from Spanish

I want a stegosaurus to come out, boss, please

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

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