[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 54

I can already see a fair amount of bugs after update 54 on my iOS device. It would be just too much to expect that Ludia can release even one update as its final version, not a “beta”. This is really not funny anymore… :roll_eyes:

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So is this the reason we had a new name for pelecanipteryx a while ago


On the contrary, they maintain the same health but they took away attack points. Also, the Salamander 16 unlock and the Boss vs. Boss event do not appear. On the other hand, I saw that they took out the social networks section, maybe that generated problems and also, most importantly for me, I was able to start the game without problems, it was time to fix this issue


The News front page on log-in is promising us a new creature in water and on land; that can’t be Dracoceratops.

I see that the attack stats of all the bosses were cut in half. With this change, will the difficulty of the wave event that we currently have with the bosses also be affected?

I could easily beat all 30 creatures with my Vulcan 32, but, I don’t know if with this change I can continue to do it just as easily, probably if one of the last 5 creatures of the event has a class advantage over me, instead of needing an attack. of 2 points need an attack of 3 or even 4.

Well that’s pretty silly considering they are bosses, now they’re weaker than tourney hybrids. They couldve upped their stats and just made the boss wave events harder.

And is that tupandactylus sdna real? Havent updated as of yet. Hopefully it’s for tropeogopterus :crossed_fingers:


What Boss vs Boss this is Godzilla vs Kong

any body else notice that omega’s attack is now 2096.

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That is quite good, boss are finally getting a bit more interesting

Also what do you guys think is the news hybrid, with Tula dna
Or is it a glitch

Why can’t I use my Omega 09 but they can use that

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also @Daven when the opponent swaps into juggernaut the game crashes, so i cant finish my Dino bucks event today :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up @Sharkyking450 I wont update just yet then.

Hope you get compensated.

Im guessing these bosses will keep showing up in daily events so imma probably miss out on alot of things :frowning: got the vip event done because it was aquatic

And lastly i cant do the PvP boss battles, is this because i only have omega? im lv 81 or something






Lol fear me I am the king, omega o9…

But a dracoceratops is still stronger than me… :joy:


Make sure you claim your resources in the link above

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@Ned , @Keith , @Daven despite updating, neither my son nor I have access to the new Tupandactylus s-DNA players such as @Henry1 and @Tommi have reported being able to generate

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