[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 57

Update 57 is now available! Read on for more details!

What’s New

Changes to Boss Battles

A couple of changes have been made to Boss Battles

First: We are trying out damage rollover for the missions. This means if you have a great run, you may beat multiple do X damage missions. The damage is counted as cumulative. For example, you do 10 k Damage, and your mission asked you for 5k. It will complete the 5k and apply the remaining 5k to the next mission.

Second: Introduction of Playable Bosses to Boss Battles

How it will work: Everyone can play the Boss battle as normal. However, once an individual has done enough damage to a Boss. The next time you enter the Boss battle, you will be prompted to use your Playable Boss.

When using your Playable Boss for the first time in a Boss Battle, you will create a second track of the Boss. The Boss will start back at level 1, and like a normal battle will power up each time it is defeated and will continue to grow every time you enter this new track with your Playable Boss.

Defeating the Boss with your Playable Boss will earn you extra rewards that are not available in the regular Boss Battle.

Once your run is over, you will return to the regular Boss Battle event and the Boss will be at whichever level you reached before using your Playable Boss. You can now begin earning progress to unlock another Playable Boss vs Boss Battle.

Note: When fighting with your Playable Boss, you will still earn mission progress and help the community reach their damage goals.


With the introduction of Playable Bosses to the Boss Battle, we have made some tweaks to the power moves to make them more balanced. We will continue to monitor their uses and strategies and if need be make further changes in the future.

More Ways to Sign-In

We have added Apple Sign-In and Google Sign-In as ways to save your account to make recovery easier for you.

New Dinosaurs

New dinosaurs have been added to the game and will be making their appearance in the future. Stay tuned!

Bug Fixes & Optimization

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At last! We’ve been waiting.


Sooooo its practically another boss update. Certainly not hyped…except for the new creatures.



Forgot to add: Apple Sign-in and Google Sign-in is now available for those who do not want to use Facebook Sign-In


I have to say the new death animation on the Alanqa rig is sweet!!!


Google sign in ?



I suggest they rename the game: “Playable Bosses The Game”


I changed, now my key changed too, it’s correct? But now if I try by Google say server lost and I can’t login


They fixed rhinoprotodon


I was waiting for …

How I can change to Facebook again without login? By Google isn’t working for me😤

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Hi Fillipe,

Here is a link to our F.A.Q.

I have also informed the team, and they are encountering a similar issue and looking into it.


We also fixed Bumpy’s card so it’s no longer a direct translation in other languages.


Oh no, my Holprig is gone. How could you do this? :wink:


@Keith , could you tell me how to transfer a guest account to Google Play? And before i forget, it would be nice if this happens without losing the account progress.


Hi Tommi, In your settings, there should be an option, but I would wait, it seems that people who link their google account can’t connect to the game, the team is looking into it.

Apple sign-in is working as intended.


Too late :frowning:


Keith, the keys will change to Google? When I saw other key I thought that my progress could be lost​:sweat_smile::pleading_face: