[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 58

Update 58 is a minor update available in your app store now.

What’s New

New Dinosaurs

New dinosaurs have been added to the game and will be making their appearance in the future. Stay tuned!

Bug Fixes & Optimization

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Is it required to download @keith?

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Eventually, yes.


Make sure you claim your rewards in the link above. 50 Dinobucks this time


Is this just an addition to update 58 cause I’m pretty sure we’ve already had update 58

Update 57 Release Notes are dated February 8

When is the update coming that fixes the issue of the game crashing every five minutes?

I had the boss battle bug of a zombie Dino.

But, I attacked it, it died and I won despite another Dino on the team.

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Wow! I never checked this before. Thanks so much for the reminder!

Ich komme seit gestern Nachmittag garnicht mehr ins Spiel……läd 29/30….dann geht nichts mehr :rage:

I don’t know if this was scheduled to be fixed in this update, but bringing it up again since it just cost me a win in a recent PvP match, there are a number of MODs that are not working as intended since the Playable boss moves have been linked to them in some strange back end programming way. This is the only explanation I can think of why they would have changed, as they started to not work properly when the playable boss moves were introduced and then they got messed up further when changes were made to how the boss moves operate.

For instance this MOD:
image clearly states that it should reduce the first attack by 99%, my Tylosaurus had this MOD active and had not taken any damage which means in order to kill it since it has 2030 health it would need an attack of 203,000 from my opponent so of course I don’t block. The opponent does a 4 move attack doing some ~2,100 damage and killing my Tylosaurus, here is what the screen shot looks like after this transpires:

Notice on my Tylosaurus it says defense of 75% (this looks very similar to Salamanders defense icon). Clearly something is screwed up in how these mods are working.

Please have the developers address the issues with the functionality of the game before they make anymore tweaks that will cause further issues.

@Keith, @Ned, @Davy, @Daven

My support key and a message to support is not needed, anyone should be able to replicate these issues with their own account especially a developer.


The same happened to me :expressionless:


I would like to add Nullify as another example. A former very powerful mod that has become useless after the developers started to “play” with playable bosses.


Hey everyone! Just want to confirm to you all that mod related issues are still being looked into by the team.


I was playing a boss battle and I noticed some powers changed, any that increase health or attack, only increase on the base/Original value now, not the modified value anymore.

Bye bye super big jugs attacked. I had an all bird battle and it took me awhile to charge jugs up to one shot them all.

Edit: after more playing attack is added by base value. Health by percent of health remaining.

FYI this text is wrong:

Should be a number not a “%s”

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