[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 59 Bis

A minor update is available now.

This update fixes the Velociraptor and Velociraptor Gen 2 evolutions 2, 3, and 4.

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Thank god, that error was fixed after I noticed those red flags when Update 59 came out.

Why does it say Bis at the end lol

Also finally the raptor bug is fixed

Hello. Why did they change the S-DNA micro package for the Raptor DNA one? :thinking::angry:


Hi Keith, this update introduced a bug for me. After a battle finishes game doesnt load My park again. It gets stuck on loading screen and I have to close the Game cause it never loads. I do get the reward once I restard Game, its very annoying to do this after every battle.


It’s the same for me - game is stuck on loading screen after I finish battle!

It’s puzzles me really: how is it even possible to introduce new bug EACH time when new update is released, no matter how small the update is?
I mean that from programming position as well (as I do have some experience in that field)… Someone from the testing team is not doing their job right, no doubt about it (not to even start with programmers as that got me banned last time when I criticized them a bit…)
I just wanted to say how excited I was when new bracketed tournament was introduced as it brought some long awaited excitement, but for sure I will not play it if I will have to restart my game after each win…
Come on guys, please… enough is enough!


I am having the same issue as Diegote where I need to restart the app after a battle each time.
Because I am having to restart the app, I am not claiming the bonus VIP subscriber loyalty points when I open a card pack at the completion of each battle.

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Yay finally the velociraptor bug has been fixed :blush:

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I am having the same issues as @Diegote, @filip1971 and @EB12345. Very annoying. Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to if I got the loyalty points for the infinity battle package.


I have the same problem.

@Keith Does anybody at Ludia actually test anything before rolling out updates? It is unbelievable how each time you guys modify anything in this game you also find new ways to break it.


Help . Cant play properly my game crashes after battle

Better keep velociraptors without skin :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I think I’ll pass on this update…

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Hi is it every battle? or a specific one?

I’ve tried both Land Vs Cenozoic MODDED PVP (2 battles) and Aquatic MODDED PVP on my Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, and each time the Game froze coming out of the battle on the loading screen. After waiting several minutes, I force closed the Game.

My son’s Game is on an older iPad. After doing the same set of battles, his Game momentarily froze during the first prize wheel before continuing. The other batles concluded as normal (one victory, one defeat)

Now that the new PVE has opened up, I will see how those battle go.


Every battle, PvP, PvE and BOSS battles. Tried reinstalling the Game and the problem persists

Are you on Android or iOS?

I just tried the first battle of the new VIP event and faced the same issue as the others do.

Android on a Samsung device.

Funny thing: If I leave the app and swap to another application I do not get the usual server connection issue. The game continues to stay frozen. Is this an improvement?

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