[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 59

It is so frustrating that since the update with the ‘modded’ boss battles the normal mods are so unreliable. I had an example today, where after a Randomize the AI got the benefit of both its sets of Mods.

I find modded battles interesting but they are much less fun now they are really Randomized and you can’t be sure what will happen. As you say, this has been much reported but not fixed.

I think we would all welcome an update that just did the bug fixes to consolidate and repair all the good things about the game.


Mod fun today…

Last battle today in the Pterosaurs event according to the news feed, anyways I hate going up against randomize as you never know what you are going to get.

Well this is what I got:

notice the opponent still has the rally active that does not exist anymore. After the shuffles and another randomize that triggers on his side again…

He gets a mirror, and the becomes the end of it for my side…

Look at what he ends up with because all of the MODs end up staying active until the original creature is killed with the MOD:

I sacrifice a creature to see if there is a way, but it’s a lost battle as buffs are stripped away that aren’t there due to creature deaths:

Round two:

I get a much better draw on the MODs:

And take out the opponent:


I was actually very lucky with my battles as I managed to turn that “mod madness” into my favour - and using a lot of Split wounds, Endurances etc… (which stayed active due to a bug) just before using more powerful ones. That gave me an oportunity to use creatures far from my top ones.
But this your example is just… hilarious :grimacing:

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I had something similar at the first battle. I made it at the second try with clone and regenerate… It may not seem very difficult opponents, but my strongest legendary amphibium is lvl 13 prestosuchus and it was on cooldown.


Hi! Let’s not forget that the Season pass has a FREE portion, so it has become available to all players. And those who want to get more, even pay. It is already a basic thing in almost all such games.


And the disconnection due to decoration removal are worse than ever. I have been postponing stocking up AFs, and now I truly regret not doing it before the update. I have now had >20 disconnection just by trying to clear some space, not even starting to buy AFs. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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The second one has me stumped.

The worst thing is that he keeps going first, so I don’t get any chance to store. If I could I could do enough damage with Segno to use the toxin back. I have tried all sorts but I am out of Inspire which would really help. I used them on the Herbivore Hazard and am having no luck on spin wheels.

I might try a defensive herbivore up front to try stop him switching, and then maybe my Metriaphodon to use the toxin.


It worked, at the cost of 2 of my best mods, and this time he went 2nd as well which really helped. I realised I would need to bring my own Toxin as Steal on Metriaphodon would just pick up his Cerazinosaurus 's Endurance mod.


Although this game has its hiccups, I must say this “Season Pass” thing is actually quite fun not gonna lie.

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@Keith is it possible to have a wallpaper of this loading screen ? It looks really nice :sweat_smile:

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Do other people want a wallpaper of the loading screen?


The title is there because the update contains bug fixes.


That would be wonderful @Keith


Then why can’t we see any remarkable bug fixes may I kindly ask?

And adding new ones on top of the pile instead?

I really wonder why if that title really deserves to be there. :thought_balloon:

Could you please list down those bugs so we can be aware of them getting removed within each and every update?


I’m afraid the size of this list would overload Ludia’s servers and the internet around the world.


Yes please.

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Hiya SmilodonTroodon,
Since you asked so nicely, here is the wallpaper you requested. Wallpapers – Jurassic World: The Game


Thanks Keith and Ludia! I love the artistic flair with this game. I’m so happy we can get this. I can’t wait for more wonderful art in the future. You have some great talent in your team.


Would be really cool if they added old ones, the splash screen has had some really good ones in the past and would be awesome to scroll through memory lane looking at all of them.


Hard to disagree with you. It would be great to have all of them!


@Keith, am I doing something wrong? I click on the link, I get a picture but no obvious download link. There was a link to the Jam City website where (worryingly) JWTG is not even listed in ’ see all games’ so that didn’t help.

Is it just that I need to be on Facebook?