[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 60

Same happens to me. Except with the TOS

I only have safari. And yet on my eldest son’s phone it works. Thank you for the information.

Does this mean that we get a pack of the dino as the final reward in the free pass and premium?

Really excited to see this new season with repeated prizes. Also, would it be possible to have wallpapers for the current and the upcoming season (assuming it will have its own splash screen)?

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I really hope there are more amphibians and pterosaurs though especially hybrids

I guess it has Gorgosuchus at the end

Will Bajadasaurus come to the game?

I just updated to 60
Since I had completed the raptor riot it said I had 11 packs to open
I took a photo at 9 remaining
Got 5 velociraptors, 3 pyroraptors, 2 tyranotitan etc and small amounts of db’s and food

I got 13 :grinning:


Did you do any battles? How did that go? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Ooh, this screen is new. The black/gray progress bar thing. Is it part of the update? Same with TH, and season pass. @Timmah the battles are the same, no difference. Off course that is if I’m just lucky and there are actually bugs…


Since I completed it at 7k+ I didn’t even check the new weekly requirements. But somehow I managed to collect 14k points just playing
With the update obviously you continue to collect prizes as a reward for playing
So after the update I took all of them at once

Great job, these repeatable prizes, @Keith . Thank you for passing this request to the team and thanks to the team for implementing it so quick…without any bugs…I hope. :wink:


Agreed, it is nice to be heard on this, at the moment after one week anyone who grinds JWTG gets to open the last pack and then watch pointless points accumulate (if you see what I mean). So than you @Keith and the team.

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Sadly @Keith I still get the redirection error when clicking on the link, and it doesn’t add the bucks to my total. I can’t report it to support as I have already had a one-time compensation for this. But it would be good to let them know it isn’t solved yet.

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Both Velociraptor and Velociraptor Gen 2 have all their evos looking like their base forms again. @Keith This glitch has returned from the dead.

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@Keith it works fine for me. @Icthyornis is there a way to clear links from opening with a default browser. I believe i had an issue like that before. Maybe go to your browser app and clear defaults, then try link again?


There is an issue with one of the adverts, the one for “Idle Heroes - Idle Games”

After this advert runs it kicks me out to the app store and out of the game. In other words, I get no reward and have to restart the game. All pain no gain.

I used to just live with this occasional inconvenience, but now I can seem to get no other advertisement.


I don’t have that issue with that specific ad (as far as i can remember), but with almost any game ad I get kicked out.

Funny though, if it’s a solid company like Disney or Ludia (jurassic world alive), I never get booted. It makes it seem more like the ads issue than the game. I’m just guessing of course.

It seems that my confidence about bugs was too early @Keith . I just reached the next repeatable prize level, the game reminded me to claim the package but as I wanted to do so I saw that it is still locked.

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