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[Release Notes] Lovelink | Holiday Update 1.3

Hey there Lovelinkers!
You may have noticed that a new update is now available on all platforms! :calling:
Here’s what’s coming to the Lovelink App for this Ho-Ho-Holiday update :snowflake:


  • The Lovelink App will have a new Winter look to get you all in the holiday mood! :snowman_with_snow:
  • Don’t miss out on the Daily Reward Advent Calendar :date: during our Holiday Event (starting December 14th) :christmas_tree:


  • Someone new is joining Lovelink for the holiday season! You better not be on the naughty list this year! :santa:
  • Some Lovelink members will be returning! :eyes:

Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to match with duplicate profiles.
  • Fixed issues with selfies not correctly unblurring when purchased.
  • Fixed correct character portrait not displaying in the conversation screen at all times when switching between conversations.
  • Fixed issue causing the wrong selfies to be displayed in the Conversation Screen until refresh.
  • Fixed issues to resolve a network error when accessing the game.
  • Fixed a network error that could occur when accessing a date with your match.
  • Fixed error with Captain Muffins’ conversation.
  • Fixed Mailbox notifications not resolving correctly after opening mail.
  • Fixed Daily Reward and Character Crush Screens overlapping.
  • Fixed scrolling in the Settings menu so it no longer hides items from being accessed.

Known Issues
These are issues that our team is aware of and are currently working on resolving!

  • Help button may disappear from the Settings menu after the app recovers from sleep mode.

Feel free to comment on this post and give us your feedback about your experiences on Lovelink!

Happy swiping! :gift_heart:

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Yet, matches are offline for way too long already.

One profile/match disappeared at no fault of mine.

I waited (months) for the match return; but Hugo disappeared from my offline list without my knowledge. Then suddenly he reappeared on the choices. Convo reset. Previous pictures lost.

That not good I hope that they start showing up again soon

BRING ADAM BACK. He’s been away for over a month now :sob:

Still can’t go on the second date with Seth. Just get a black screen. Emailed this to support many weeks ago, but still no solution.

Please work on bringing back old matches like Jaime and Skylar and focus on current storylines, extend on them and make them longer. You’ve brought back some old and favorite matches but the stories are short and they go gray quickly. I really enjoy the game but it’s ridiculous and another feature that would be cool is to personalize our profile for our mc. I’d love to customize and create my own look and again more gems and opportunities to earn them. I’m holding on by a thread here

it would also be great if you could please balance out the guys 2 girls rayshio. before you say this game is geared more 2 the ladies… i know more guys then girls who play this. it would be great to have an even amount of girls to the guys.
can we ungray matches. i was bummed the evaline came back for all of 2 days and then grayed out again. can we get them to have a bit longer. maybe a week or 2 instead?
it would also be great 2 know who the counterparts are 4 the not yet ready to match characters. i want 2 match with skye when shes ready. i dont want 2 match with her counterpart by accident.
pelase lower the cost on the gems. 120 is unreasonable. 50 good but 120 is not cool.