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[Release Notes] Lovelink | Update 1.3

Greetings Lovelinkers :kissing_heart:

A new update is now available on all platforms!
Here is what’s coming to the Lovelink App this update :calling:


  • You can now save your progress by connecting your game through Apple Sign-In or through your Facebook account.
  • “You Have Mail!” :mailbox_with_mail: Don’t forget to check your inbox daily! You’ll never know what goodies will be waiting for you :love_letter:
  • Various optimizations after finishing a conversation.


  • Keep your eyes and hearts open for some NEW Lovelink profiles! :two_hearts:

Bug fixes

  • The game will now properly notify you when an update is available.
  • Get back to chatting with your matches! Resolved the bug where conversations were no longer accessible.

Known Issues

These are issues that our team are aware of and are currently working on resolving!

  • Fixing the Network Error when accessing a date.
  • Fixing an overlap in Daily Reward and Character Crush screens.
  • Fixing an issue with the Help button disappearing from the Settings menu after the app recovers from sleep mode.
  • Fixing the scrolling in the Settings menu that may hide some items.
  • Fixing the red notification dot not disappearing instantly upon entering the inbox.

Feel free to chat on this post and give us your feedback about your experiences on Lovelink!

Happy swiping! :kiss:


Why didn’t I get the update?

Hey Deanna, are you on an Apple or Android device?

So did existing character stories get updated? Or did you only add new characters?

Thank you so much for this! I’m happy we can save our progress now, that was a huge fear of mine since I’ve spent so much money lol :joy: and the inbox is cool… I’m wondering if maybe our faves will email us while they’re in the grey? That would be great, it would give us some form of contact while they’re gone and make the wait a little easier lol. Thanks for all your hard work and for putting up with our impatience at times. :heart::raised_hands:t2:


Also, FYI… I have an iPhone and an account on an iPad too and I had to go to the App Store to manually update them both.


I really hope the measly 100 gems doesn’t count as adequate compensation for the glitch that locked me out for 3 months.


I’m on an Android and it says authentication error when I try to connect, but also says “Logged” in blue above the “Sign in with Google Play Games” despite it being an option I can tap (though doing so gives me the error message) so I’m guessing it worked anyway…?

Why not, instead of creating or releasing new profiles, you finish or continue our matches’ stories? They have been offline for more than a month now, without any signs of ever coming back soon.

Your update priorities are hurting your app’s potential of becoming the next best thing.

Hey there! Sorry to hear that you’ve had issues for a prolonged period of time… has this update allowed you to now access your app? I would urge you to also contact our support team directly with your Support Key at so they can assist you accordingly. Thank you for your patience, and hope this helps!

I’m finally able to play again but I missed out on at least daily 1,470 gems during the period I was locked out. I went through the trouble of actually doing the rough math of how many gems I missed out on. I can’t make any of the choices I want with the few matches that didn’t unmatch me because I don’t have the gems I need.

Hey there Victor, rest assured that our team is continuously working on both new and old profiles! We are favoring bringing back some of the people you all know and love to the app! We are constantly reading everyone’s feedback on all socials and really appreciate how passionate our Lovelinkers are!
We also want to mention that new content does not always need updates to be added into the App. So you can expect some OG Lovelink profiles to be back between updates too!


Thank you for the update! I didn’t realise how much of a relief it’d be to actually save my progress. I hope old matches return soon, I’ve been waiting since August for some of my faves to return and am always disappointed when newer characters are given updates before the older faves so many people love.

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Are there old and new characters in this update? So far I have only seen Clementine is back but nobody else.

I love that idea about our matches being able to email us :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Unless Stefan/Oliver was included, then only Clementine returned as I’ve matched with everyone else minus either of those guys. Uncertain about any new character releases, but I’m guessing not this time around since Jade/Evaline were recently released.

I have to say that i love the game and the firts thing i tried was to save my progress and now is possible and i appreciate it… but since the first day i have been trying and i can’t get the update :c

I didn’t receive this update either. I use Android