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[Release Notes] Lovelink | Update 1.5

Hello Lovelinkers! :heart::link:

Update 1.5 is now available on both iOS and Android. We’ve introduced some exciting new features to keep you hot for your matches.
Here is what’s new:


  • :kissing_heart: Blow a kiss to any of your matches to get their attention! They just may respond quicker when you do.
  • Updated conversation choices. Let your matches know what you’re thinking by expressing how you may feel through conversation choices.
  • The statuses of your matches will now be visible. You will be able to see if your match will return or if they need a short break from the dating world.


  • Stories will continue to be updated multiple times throughout the week.
  • The ladies are coming back! You’ve been missing them and they’ve been missing you. Some of your favorites are on the way.

Bug Fixes

Many pesky bugs have been squashed for 1.5! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • Selfie is now unblurred when displayed in the conversation if you select a selfie choice.
  • Selfie Gallery has been updated.

Known Issues

Don’t worry, these issues are still being investigated to be fixed!

  • There are a few reports of Subscription cancellations not working. Please be assured the team is working on this not happening again.

Feel free to comment on this post and give us your feedback about your experiences in Lovelink!

Happy swiping! :gift_heart:

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So I can not get into the game with my google account since I did this upgrade and I don’t see any kiss thing on where you can send it to them how do u use it


You say ‘Stories will continue to be updated multiple times throughout the week.’ Hopefully, that actually means you’ll update ALL stories instead of just continuing to push the “popular” characters even more than you already do. :roll_eyes: :angry:

You’ve been saying ‘the ladies are coming back!’ for months now; honestly, every time you say that, it gets harder and harder to believe you. :broken_heart: :angry:

And only some for the amount of time it’s taken they should ALL be returning :hourglass_flowing_sand:


We can only wait daily to see if it happens

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Since they update I cannot switch accounts :slightly_frowning_face:

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Here’s hoping it works :crossed_fingers:

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I updated but all I see is that almost everyone is offline for a while I don’t know how to use the blow a kiss feature. Did I miss something? :confused:


Thanks for this great update. Now I can’t log into my Google play account and the app doesn’t even show my support key anymore. So please don’t ask me to message the support team or whoever again. It would be really nice to get an udate for once that doesn’t cause even bigger problems. Guess I’m back to not being able to play at all. Maybe I should take that as a sign after all. :woman_shrugging:


cool but how does the ‘blow a kiss feature work?’ I can’t find it lol

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I couldn’t find the blow a kiss feature :(. I’m really excited when there are new updates, I hope we can see a wider variety of matches coming back ^^


Same. I don’t see it


Hey there, GiaGrace. I’m sorry to hear that, are you getting any sort of error message when trying to log in through Google?

Me either :woman_shrugging:t2:

Nope, nothing. It’s just stuck at the loading screen.Screenshot_20210415-214216_Lovelink|690x1456
I already restarted my phone and tried deleting and reinstalling. Nothing’s happening.

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Thanks for letting me know, GiaGrace. I have notified our team about this.

In the meantime, if you could please contact our support team at, it would really help us out. :pray:

I don’t really see the point to be honest. If you’ve notfied them like you said then I can’t possibly tell them anything new. As I said…I don’t even have a support key anymore.

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I am very keen for this update, an am excited to see some awesome old faces. I really like there now being 3 options to chose from so we can be more selective.

I cannot tell how to blow a kiss or see when people will be back, plus I did want to say – the increase in gem choice prices is a little steep. 210 for a choice? It’s too much. 150 was pushing it. I think you might lose people if you don’t make some price changes.

Please know that I really like this game but it is hard to play. I want to keep promoting it so, something to consider

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I don’t see the ‘blow a kiss’ option either.

Did just have a chat with Jamie and some of the chat interactions offered three options, which is new, and noticed tha there were call backs to previous choices I had made.

With the price hike on premium choices I can see a lot of players getting unfavourable outcomes by being forced into making weak free choices because they can’t afford to make the cooler premium choices.

We’ll see. Let’s give it time.


Are we sure this blow a kiss feature actually exists? I installed the update and the only thing that changed is the way the offline chats are displayed…

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