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[Release Notes] Lovelink | Update 1.5

I had a message alert from them when I signed in, but when I clicked the mail box it was empty.

Clearly there’s a couple of glitches from the new update. I don’t have the first clue about coding for an app like this so I’ll reserve judgement for now.

The only things I noticed were the extra response choice and the way the characters are shown as offline. Still have yet to see this blow a kiss option

Hey, All – The option just came up for me:

I can’t login to my google account or playing the game, already email the support but still not receive any update.

wonderful. so since the update no 1 has come back and we can only seem 2 use the blow a kiss option on whoever isnt gray out. awesome. can they at leest tell us if fei skye and nina are opening up yet?

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@novanix I don’t have that. All of my characters are offline for a while except one :disappointed:

Sage, Alice and Cpt. Muffin are no longer grayed out but when I go into them they still say they’ll be offline for a while, is this a bug or do I have to wait?

Wonder how much those kisses are going to cost us in a minute…


Yeah, when I saw ‘free’, I was like “It better stay that way :unamused::face_with_monocle:

All it did was start the conversation early. If it ends up being a paying option, I’ll wait for the message back. It’d be nice to change it up now and talk to/check in on them.

Oh, no :pensive: Is it Jamie/Seth (I believe that’s his counterparts name) that isn’t grey for you? I mean, that shouldn’t factor, but I don’t know if they had it start for him just because he’s the most recent return :thinking: But again, I don’t think that should factor for the matches.

I did restart my phone also before the option was there :woman_shrugging: But maybe it all just comes down to some weird timing?


I have Seth active but his status is offline and not away. Everyone else is greyed out/offline for a while

I’m sorry you are having issues with your Google account, sweetascherrycandy. Our team is investigating this issue. :pray:

I have two accounts - one with Facebook and one with my google account and I haven’t been able to log into my google account since last night when the update happened but right now most of my active chat partners are on that account. Rather annoying, you guys really need to step up your game, so far you’re not satisfying your customers to the fullest. Too many bugs, too little progress.

I’m still having the glitch where Skylar/Jaden is giving a notification that they have sent a message in the chat, but when I open their chat, it says that they will be offline for a while. This occurred after the video call where the MC meets with the informant with the proof that Skylar/Jaden was set up, but did not lead into the next chat, so I cannot complete Skylar’s last update. I know from other users, that there is another video call and chat left on Skylar/Jaden’s route before their current update is complete.

@Ned How does the blow a kiss feature work for offline characters like Seth/Skylar who aren’t taking a break/offline for a while?

I’m sorry this is still happening, Catherine_Clinger. Our team is looking into a solution for this at the moment.

Hey strayblackcatXIII, you can blow a kiss to get a character’s attention after you’re done chatting with them, but only if they’re set to “Away”.

@Ned how do you blow a kiss to someone who has been offline for a while there is no option once you open the chat

None of them are set to away though so that’s disappointing

I got to use the feature once and then he went offline for a while. Now I’m alone again. All of the guys are offline/taking a break :sob: